All good things come to those who are sick

I guess I’ve spent so much time complaining about being sick, that I completely forgot to mention the good stuff. Such as, oh, our tickets for Rock Am Ring finally arriving! And me getting a good deal of insurance money for my digital camera that was stolen a way back, allowing me to buy a new one.. Yay!

I could’ve sworn there was more, but my brain is still mush, so I’m probably forgetting something.. Anyways, those two things on their own are still rather awesome! I can’t wait to get a new camera to play with.. And I’m super stoked about Rock Am Ring already.. Man, it’s gonna be a long wait..

In other good news, my flu has warped into another installment of the more common killer cold.. Which is fine in my book.. Or, well, not exactly fine.. But what’s a boy to do? I can deal with sneezing, coughing, a sore throat and an extra strain on the kleenex budget much better than I can the whole flu thing. At least I can stand being up and around and I don’t have to spend my days on the couch catatonically curled up in a fetal position, struggling just to watch TV.. Good times!

Today, I had my longest journey out of the house for like two weeks, I think, in that I had promised to go to my mom’s and walk her boyfriend’s dog, Viktor, who was stuck home alone with my mom being at work, and Klaus (the boyfriend) being off in Copenhagen or some place or other.. So, it was up to me to act as the hero of the day and walk the dog which suited me fine coz I love dogs. But yea.

I arrived at 10 AM with a few words of forewarning. Klaus had told me that Viktor might be a bit on the defensive end since he’s grown to know my mom’s house, and her, while my mom had told me that with him being an elderly dog and all, I wasn’t to expect him to eat much of anything or be very up for walking.. So, as I entered through the door, I pretty much expected him to be more up for eating my foot than taking a walk with him.. Which turned out to be a silly expectation, really, because no vicious dog greeted me when I walked in.. Actually, no dog greeted me at all..

Confused, I searched through the house and eventually found him sprawled out in his new favorite chair, sound asleep. After watching him for a while, kinda expecting him to acknowledge my presence, I called out to him a few times until he finally raised his head, looked at me, said something along the lines of “Eeerm… Woof?”, slid out of his chair about as fast as his sleepy, 14 year old legs could carry him and ran up to me and started watching me with that “Are you gonna pet me any time soon?” look on his face.. Vicious dog, indeed..

A vicious dog, indeed, that does apparently not observe lent.. Because while my mom had made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t really eating, I must admit that I had quite some trouble getting him out the door because he was busy tucking into his bowl of food.. Right, okay.. Off we went then, with Viktor once again defying all odds, explanations and instructions and tearing off in front of me, setting the pace and direction for a much longer and brisker walk than any of us had been prepared for.. Which, in turn, must’ve made him even more hungry.. Seeing as once we got back I had to forcefully restrain him while I dried the mud off his his paws.. On account of him once more wanting to tuck into his food.. What a strange dog indeed.. Nothing at all like I’d been told he would be.. But a good dog, none the less.. And he sure managed to drain me completely of my energy, but that may also well be owing to me being sick and having gone on a one hour bike ride on top of the walk with the dog.

One thing’s for sure, after having arrived back home, having eaten lunch and done the dishes, I’m pretty well spent and about ready to just kick back for a while.. Oh well, baby steps, right?


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