People of the world, rejoice!

You’re soon about to read tales on here not centering entirely around me being sick and miserable! Won’t that be great? And all new-like? I reckon so.. Well, probably not new-like. It’s probably gonna be more of a back to basics kinda thing with silly, drunken ideas, stupid rants about nothing in particular and tales of ways in which to hurt one self, poke fun of the people you love and get into all sorts of trouble with all sorts of entities.. Boy, I miss that.

I was talking with Mia, Brian upstairs ex-girlfriend who happens to work at the local supermarket, today and when she asked me how I was doing, I said something along the lines of “Oh, y’know, not too bad.. I’ve only been sick for four weeks to the date..” – but I also realized that I said so with a smile on my face and in a way that prompted a laugh in return from her.. Which is something I don’t really do when I’m really sick and feeling sorry for myself (which I ALWAYS do when I’m really sick). I went on to tell her about how I’d gone from a migraine over a flue to a cold, and next week quite possibly Ebola Zaire! All while laughing and pulling out jokes in-between explaining, gesticulating and coughing my lungs up.

We chatted like that for a while until more customers showed up and started getting restless at which point I left in a strangely good mood because I now knew that if I were at a point where I could joke about the situation rather than just going “I’m sickies.. Will you hug me and pity me?” then, fuck, I must be doing better!

So, yea, all signs point to yes.. I am getting better.. The fact included that I’ve been up and around for the past few days – a little still counts – and I haven’t even once today felt like I just wanted to lie down and die.. Which has been an all too common feeling over the past few days.. I’ve even managed to work on my thesis.. So, I reckon in a few short days I’ll be allowed to go on out into the world and do stupid shit again.. I can’t wait! 😀


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