The root of all evil is a sale at a record store

No sooner have I left my sickbed before I go do something stupid.. Like say, spend a large amount of money.. Or, a small amount of money.. Eh, a relative amount of money.. Everything becomes relative when you don’t feel like you have any money.. But it was all for the greater good, I’d like to think.

“Johan, what on earth are you talking about?” I hear you say.. Well, the deal is this my friend.. That I decided, after a long time of being sick that I needed to get out and get some fresh air. Something I generally do every day but have been neglecting in the past few days.. On account of being fucking dead.. Or very sick at the very least.. So, I went for a walk downtown which was nice.. I even swung by a local record store just to browse the selection for a while.. Which was also all nice and dandy.. Until I started to spot those fancy yellow “Pick me, I’m on sale!” stickers all over the damn place and things just kinda went wrong from then on. Which is to say that some five minutes later I found myself back outside, slightly confused with four CD’s and two DVD’s in my hands and with a wallet that was several bills lighter.. Huh?

It was, in the end, somewhat of an unexpected hit to my finances, but I will have to write most of it off as educational expenses, though. For starters I got a couple of classic Ramones albums as well as some by The Clash.. Yea, I know.. And I have the nerve to call myself a music geek. These ARE albums I should’ve bought years ago.. Know your roots and all.. But hey, better late than never.. I wanted to get some Sex Pistols and other stuff, too, but the madness (I incidentally also browsed a compilation containing Madness) had to end somewhere. Of DVD’s, I got two of the live show variety. One featuring KoRn, the other Marilyn Manson as I’m seeing both bands live in a few months and wanted to know what to expect.. And the DVD’s were in the bargain bin, so there.. See, high educational value right there!

Feeling reasonably satisfied with myself, I returned home to eat some lunch – an activity that usually takes place at around 4 PM now owing to my slightly messed up sleeping schedule brought on by a barrage of disease.. And it was here, as I sat down to grab a bit to eat and rip my newly acquired CD’s into my iTunes library, that I was in for a bit of a surprise.. See, my newly acquired CD’s that I was so happy with turned out to be bright, hot pink!! Ramones and The Clash alike! What the hell kinda abominal creation was this now? I mean, c’mon! There are times when hot pink is nice and called for; mainly when we’re talking hot female friends dressing up as “the Barbie Army”.. But.. Taking my classic punk rock heroes and coloring them pink.. This is where I draw the line! Take note, Columbia records, for I’m sure I’m not alone on this stance! For shame!

This horrible experience aside, it’s been a pretty good day. I’ve been feeling better still, been playing video gam.. err.. working on my thesis, I’ve written some.. And I’ve been tried to Brian upstairs troubleshoot his wireless network settings.. Which in true Johan fashion turned more into drinking beer and chatting than it did fixing anything.. But I blame Windows Vista for that.. That shit just isn’t very logical.. In one way or another.. Still, good times, though. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my gam.. thesis!


4 responses to “The root of all evil is a sale at a record store

  1. good to know you’re back – but I think we all would like to know what the Barbie Army is 😉

  2. Thanks, babe, it’s good to be back 🙂 In return, it’s good to see you’re flashing the horns in Austria.. Represent!

    And.. Umm.. Yeah.. Like you don’t know what the Barbie Army is.. Private Tina! 😛 In fact, I reckon “you all” know 😉

  3. flashing the horns WITH pink nail polish my friend !!! 😉

  4. Yea, umm.. So you’ll have to excuse me for not noticing and being more focused on the point that you’re f’ing metal rather than f’ing PINK! 😛

    It’s good to see I taught you well 😉

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