I curse thee, Polish Cough!

What exactly is the Polish Cough? Well, as you may have partially guessed, it’s a term coined by Dunkel, Ulrik and I out of blue air on Friday to describe that horrible semi-chronic cough and snottiness that seems to be following most, if not all, of us around at this time a year. It was further popularized by Dunkel, Jens, Penny and I during our binge on Friday and, eventually, entirely overused and spun out of control by Dunkel, Jens and I during a post-drunken rambling get-together on Saturday.

Why the “Polish Cough”? Well, I’ve no idea, but it sounds like a pretty menacing outbreak of some weird viral disease you certainly don’t want, doesn’t it? I mean, there’s Ebola Zaire, the Spanish Flu, the Dengue Fever.. So why not the Polish Cough? Seems reasonable enough.. At any rate, we turned a common bout if the sickies into a constructive thing had our fun coming up with the name, symptoms and suggested treatments (yea, we’re pretty easily entertained at times, I’ll admit), so I say it’s all good.. Well, the cough aspect aside. But, as I’ve said before, I can pretty well deal with that, it’s better than being real sick.. And I can after all be up and around as long as I take it pretty slow and drink lots of tea and all that jazz..

Which is a couple of reasons why I had an obscenely weird Saturday last week which involved Dunkel, Jens and I getting together, cooking up obscene amounts of food.. Eating dinner while watching a movie. And while Jens did run off later, Dunkel and I subsequently spent the evening NOT going out and getting drunk but rather on the couch watching movies and drinking jasmine tea.. No, I shit you not.. Dunkel and I, kings of metal and all, nursing our colds.. And drinking tea.. On a Saturday night.. I know.. I, too, was pretty bewildered and scared when Dunkel – for probably the first time ever – said no to a beer and instead asked if I wanted a cup of tea.. But I’ll have to admit it was probably all for the better.. And, as already hinted in a previous post, I also had to admit that Saturday night horror marathons can be pretty fun.. I suppose it bears repeating at some time.. As long as it’s not next weekend as I’ve got that one pretty well booked up with partying out and getting my drink on.. Which should be fun, and potentially dangerous, as I think it must be somewhere between several months and a lifetime ago that I devoted an entire weekend to rocking out.. Correct me if I’m wrong.. I wonder how that’ll all turn out.. Fun, and scandalous, I hope!

For now, I guess I’d better grab one last cup of tea and go to sleep, got a long day of writing on my thesis and working late shifts ahead of me tomorrow.. I’m kinda burning the candle both ends again this week, but it’s all in favor of getting head start on my thesis and earning a bit of extra money as well as helping out my colleagues at work. So it’s all good. And I get to take the weekend off without any hint of a guilty conscience.. How awesome is that?

Oh right, I’m rambling again, I bit ye goodnight!


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