Yea, we argue a lot! So?

I hadn’t seen Tina for a while.. Mainly because she had decided to abandon me in favor of greener.. Ehm.. Whiter pastures.. in the form of skiing trip in the Austrian alps. So, when after a week she finally did return and both of us found a few hours off on Tuesday, I jumped the gun and popped down for dinner and a fight before work..

That’s right, it should come as no surprise to the loyal reader that even after weeks a part, Tina and I jumped right into our old routine of mock arguing over everything and nothing as well as making various either loving or derogatory comments towards one another.. Or, that is, things actually went pretty nice and quiet until Tina made a comment about me being one of the more understanding and reasonable guys she’d ever met.. Which I of course took as a cue to start acting like a total prick – add to that the fact that Tina wasn’t feeling too well and was a bit moody to begin with.. and she was pretty quickly on the defense to a point where I was eventually like “I’m sorry, you know I loves ya” which prompted nothing more than a “humph!” from the young lady and made me realize I’d probably better tone down my act a little.

Which isn’t to say the bickering stopped there, far from it.. While fighting broke out only right after we’d finished dinner, waves were still rolling high by the time we were doing dishes and by the time we were heading out on our now customary evening work we were locked in a vicious argument about whether or not Tina was entitled to having everything her way or if she was but a spoiled brat who demanded way too much of me, hurting my feelings in the process.. And still I wonder why people would think we’re together.. Incidentally, the thing that started it all was a question about why she had not lately received her “random fact of the day” (something I’ve otherwise usually been pretty good at providing – so much in fact that she’s apparently grown addicted to receiving totally random and pointless facts on a daily basis), to which I replied that I didn’t think she’d be interested since she was busy being out having fun without me.. Which kinda set the ball rolling..

Ah, but there were laughs, too, of course.. None more so than when I failed epically in the noble art of multitasking – i.e., talking while walking and blowing (bubble gum) bubbles at the same time.. The results were one of the more interesting tales of Pad Thai preparation in which I managed to answer the question of “does it have crunchy bean sprouts in it” by a combination of blowing a huge ass bubble, waving my hands in front of my face in panic, popping the bubble by accident and sending bubble gum flying all over my face, nonchalantly wiping the face with the back of my hand (failing epically again!) and going “of course it has crunch bean sprouts in it” as if nothing had just happened.

My efforts of keeping my cool and composure were, of course, absolutely futile as random passer-bys pretty quickly started staring us up and down as I stood there, face covered in bubble gum and Tina quickly went from giggling slightly to struggling to stay on her feet in danger of toppling over with laughter. In the end, we composed ourselves, went on our way, made a U-turn, saying hi to Jesper in the process (each in our own patented ways: Jesper waving and throwing a peace gesture, me throwing up the horns and Tina jumping up and down, waving her arms, going “HIIII JESPER!!”) and heading back.

Our return trip did little in taking the public eye off of us as it wasn’t long before we were once again locked in an argument, this time about clothes, shoes and money.. It all started out rather innocently with Tina asking me to please help keeping her from spending more money shopping and me agreeing, it then turned ugly when she noted that the only thing she was allowed to buy were new black boots which I openheartedly disagreed with as she’d just gotten a pair. Things went back and forth for a minute, until I looked at her, practically yelling: “Look here, sweety, unless it’s life-saving treatment, a tetanus shot OR a blood transfusion, you’re simply not getting it!!” Which, along with Tina’s sulking “Oh, okay then” admittedly, earned us quite a few, scared looks from a random bloke who just happened to be passing by at the time.. But I guess that’s just how we roll.

After a little while, we eventually made it back to Tina’s after what, to us, could only be described as a cozy evening of bitching, fighting and random weirdness. So, I said my goodbyes, jumped on my bike and headed off for work – reasonably late.. A delay which only grew longer once I decided to catch a flat tire on the way there and had to drag my bike along with me for the rest of the way there.. Bah humbug! I hate Mondays, even the wannabe variety! Either way, I pretty well managed to fill my quota at work either way.. But I did feel even more pissed off about forgetting my gloves once I had to head back in the freezing cold at 1:15 AM.. It’s a mistake I won’t be making tonight, that’s for sure.. Come to think of it, I kinda wish I hadn’t made the mistake of accepting yet another extra shift tonight.. But oh well..


4 responses to “Yea, we argue a lot! So?

  1. Hey! I didn’t simply reply with an “oh okay then” – you only say that because you didn’t whin the discussion! I clearly remember asking you why on earth I was allowed to get an insuline shot that I’m not in the need of, while on the contrary I was in the need of a new pair of black boots! 😉

  2. Now you listen here, young lady.. What I wrote was a very reasonable approximation of the events that transpired as I chose to ignore your question mainly because you’re no more in need of a new pair of boots than John Goodman is in need of another cheese burger..

    I’m sorry, but you just got a pretty new pair of black boots and you’re just gonna have to make do with them 😉

  3. …but maybe in the future I’ll need a new pair of boots and still no insuline shot??? Can I then get the black boots?

  4. Maybe, in the future, if you need boots more than an insulin shot.. Then that’d be something I.. I mean.. We.. would have to consider.

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