I seriously am getting too old for this shit..

Have you ever found yourself working just for the sake of staying awake? If not, you should try it some time.. It’s what I’m doing right now.. It’s been an absolutely exhausting weekend featuring absinth on a Thursday, road trips to Germany, inflatable chickens and way too much talk about breasts for my liking on Friday, a double 25th birthday on Saturday with red horses, plenty of Russian Standard vodka.. And a random stranger bad trippin’ on shrooms just to round off the evening.. Oh, and just for good measure, I pulled off a Sunday night without sleep which just makes for a really fresh, happy and up at about Johan at this time of day..

Which would be 3:30 PM Monday afternoon, when, having just finished a meeting with my thesis mentor (that went reasonably well, considering my difficulties to stand and all), I’m busy doing dishes, cleaning up the mess left over the weekend and basically doing anything to stay upright and about so I’ll somehow make it through the day and through work tonight.. Which should prove interesting.

See, my theory is that if I sit down and relax too much, I’ll probably just end up falling asleep.. And giving my notorious inability to sleep properly at night, that probably wouldn’t help me getting more sleep tonight.. So better to just fight it through.. And get back on my feet before I fall asleep typing this.


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