Guess what.. I’ve got a fever..

And I’m pretty sure the prescription isn’t more cow bell 😦 In other words, it’s been an interesting weekend.. Things went really well to begin with. As already mentioned, I spent most of Thursday being stupid with Dunkel and discussing Zombie Holocausts. Friday, on the other hand, I spent the first part of the day winding down and discussing theology and other pressing subjects at hand with random people on MSN. I then cooked up myself a nice little beef tenderloin steak, some potato rösti and some homemade whiskey sauce which I happily consumed before heading on down to Dunkel’s.

At Dunkel’s, we hung out and wrecked havoc for a while before Dunkel, Petsen and I moved on to the Uboat to wreck even more havoc.. Which we did, and lo and behold, it was good fun most of the way through. I got a few free beers, ran into random threatening strangers who questioned my religious views, bothered Salah and Ulrik for a while as always, got drunk, had fun.. And had my jacket stolen!

Yea, I got to own my new winter jacket for all of 48 hours before it was taken from me.. Which, I guess, is on one hand somewhat of a tribute to Tina’s taste, but also made for a highly stressing predicament as I’d now not only lost my new jacket but also my keys that were in the pockets, and I was now lost, miles away from home, at 4 in the morning, without adequate warm clothing.. Or a way of getting into my apartment.. Now, as it turned out neither getting hold of an extra key or a couch to crash on proved very easy on this particular evening.. Or morning.. Or whatever.. So, the end result was that I rushed back home through town wearing only jeans and a tshirt.. On the way, I very reluctantly gave Brian upstairs a call and had him unlock my door for me.. Which he gladly did despite being woken only a couple of hours before needing to get up for work – THANK YOU!

So, I did make it home in my own bed after all.. Which was good, seeing as that’s where I’ve spent most of my time since. But that was to be expected, I guess.. Having just come off a four week spell of flu and cold symptoms, I guess it stands to reason that walking home in near freezing temperatures wearing only jeans and tshirt is gonna fuck you up pretty badly.. I mean, we’re talking fever, shakes, chills, cold sweat, coughing, sneezing, headaches, the whole shebang.. But I’m starting to think that maybe I shouldn’t complain too much. At least I’m properly sick this time, so I’m hoping it’ll do its thing and blow over a lot faster than the previous spells that I battled for weeks on end..

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to curl up and nap/watch some National Geographic channel.


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