I’m sleeping my day away

If you’re wondering about the lack of updates, you’re not alone, I kinda am, too.. But there’s a really good explanation.. Mainly that I, aside from being too sick to really put something down, have slept most of the last two days away.. And no, I’m not even kidding.. I’m going on an average of 14 hours of sleep per day since Saturday which I guess goes to show that something must really have been wrong with me.. Especially if you add the fact that aside from sleeping too damn much, I’ve been eating way to little.

Now, I’m not too into this whole nutrition thing, but if you need 2800 calories in a day and you’re getting in the area of 1400.. Then, that’s bad.. Right? Thankfully, my appetite seems to be coming back and most of my symptoms seem to be on the return which I’m quite happy about. I was getting a little tired of filling a garbage bag with tissues every day, and waking up in cold sweats and crawling shivering and coughing to the bathroom on shaking knees with bleeding mucus membranes was getting a bit of a drag, too.. Who’d have thunk?

It’ll be good to get back on top of things. I’m so hopelessly behind everything. I haven’t been able to work on my thesis, haven’t been able to mail some stuff to my grandma I promised ages ago (and feel really ashamed about).. Heck, I haven’t even been able to do dishes or anything.. Blah.. I want to be well!


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