The fever broke, the headache disappeared, the shivers have left and the shakes are no worse than they usually are.. In other words, I’m well.. And that only took, what, a week?

That’s not to say that life is much more thrilling, though, as I’ve grounded myself for a few extra days just to make sure that I actually am well this time around and won’t fall right back into the usual routine. Actually, I’m being a hell of a lot more careful this time around as I’ve come to realize that I probably haven’t offered my body the best living conditions over the past few years (“Nooooo,” I instantly hear you say in disbelief). So I’ve opted to start eating more greens, more vitamins and probably a little more varied as well.. Apparently those things are supposed to be good for you and while I’ve generally eaten healthily over the last years (mainly due to a dislike for sugar, sweets and fried foods), I probably could do with a bit more of variation in my diet – and more vitamins.. So there we go, let’s see how that works out, eh?

So, what is there to do for a boy who’s grounded himself? Frighteningly little, I’m quite afraid. Especially when he’s been too sick to do much or has suffered a fried brain from every bit of energy going into battling the bugs in his body.. As I said, I’ve generally been sleeping my days away which hasn’t been as bad as it sounds because – a) you can’t hurt while sleeping and b) I’ve mostly been spending my waking hours watching TV and I’ve come to realize that day-time TV sucks.. Sleep and TV, fun huh? Oh, and recently I’ve started being able to put some work into my thesis, too, which has been comforting in a weird kinda way.

Tina dropped by yesterday when I was really starting to shape up again which was a really nice and welcome pseudo-surprise. Because while I certainly wasn’t really myself, human contact really is important to me and she did have the honor of being the first living person I’d spoken to (in person anyways) since Saturday morning.. Plus she brought me apples and tea (she’s good to me like that) so I was more than a little happy to see her, even if she couldn’t stay too long – which was probably for the better anyways as I was pretty mentally worn out at the time and probably not very good company.. Still.. Awesome.. Thanks!

I’m off to spend Friday night home alone now, not something I’m particularly looking forward to, but what’s a boy to do. For starters I’d like to get some work done tomorrow and more importantly, I don’t want to be sick again, so I really shouldn’t go get myself in a situation where I could end up doing something stupid and causing myself another relapse. No thanks, I guess I’ll settle for cooking myself a nice, little meal and chilling with a few movies on the couch.


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