“Can’t you write something positive for a change?”

Why of course, I can, sweetheart.. I kinda think I just did not too long ago.. This humble request was made by Tina during one of our late-night get-togethers for a bottle of wine and a game of Trivial Pursuit. Apparently she thought my blog was getting to be a pretty depressing read lately and I guess she’d be right, but hey – my last entry wasn’t THAT brooding, was it?

Anyways, things are about to get better, I promise. Like I said, I’m feeling well and on top of things again, I’ve been sleeping a lot, resting and taking care of myself.. I essentially feel like an entirely new and improved person. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and it was awesome – being able to enjoy the rather.. neurotic.. Danish spring weather without feeling like I was about to topple over with every step or feeling like I couldn’t wait to get home to my bed.

The rest of the afternoon and evening I pretty much spent at home relaxing and trying not to strain myself. Tina popped by after work and we opted to drive down to her place with a good bottle of wine and hang out for a few hours – which was awesome if you deduct the fact that she beat me in Trivial Pursuit for the fourth time in a row – hey, I’ve been sick a lot lately.. And what am I to do when she gets all the easy questions? (Tony Hawk Pro Skater.. Honestly!!) But still, good times.. And of course we wasted no time in also getting into a bit of friendly bickering and misunderstandings.. None more so than when I made some totally innocent comment and the state of my voice somehow made the silly blonde perceive it as some unfitting derogatory comment about her breasts .. Confused and not really sure why she’d think I’d do something like that, I explained the true nature of the situation and my comment to her.. After which I of course wasted no time in making further such similar mocking derogatory comments whenever things didn’t go my way from then on because a) that’s just the kinda friendship we have and she knows I’m only kidding and b) I’m a fucking idiot and that’s the way I roll.. Good times, good talks, good game and good wine!

The night eventually came to an end in a somewhat confusing manner as most of Europe apparently switched to Daylight Savings last night.. Which shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I’m easily confused so when I left Tina’s at 1:40 AM for a 2o minute walk home and, after heading straight home with a slight delay, end up texting her to say goodnight at 3:05 AM, I still end up scratching my head a little. Things don’t get much easier when half of the watches in your home set themselves forward one hour to match the new situation and others don’t.. I ended up thinking I went to bed at 4 AM which I only realized when I woke briefly at 7:30 (which again was actually 8:30) wasn’t the case and that I’d actually gone to bed at 5. I then forgot all about it and went back to bed, waking at 11:30 thinking “hey, I got up before noon for a change!” then went into the living room and realized that it was actually 12:30 and I’d done no such thing..

Hmm, I’m so joining the People’s Front against Daylight Savings.. If for nothing else then the fact that I end up hopelessly confused at least twice a year over this whole thing.. Bah, humbug!


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