Every now and then, I find myself doing something wholly irrational. Take today for example when I find myself strolling through town, enjoying some much needed fresh air (I really had been locked up too long with the flu). I pop by the record store, knowing fully well that I shouldn’t and that I’ll probably end up spending money , but it had to be done.

In what can probably only be described as a stroke of luck, some big ass guy had taken over the small metal section and claimed it as his own.. Or, I’m sure he didn’t mean to, but the sheer size of his frame would’ve made browsing a very uncomfortable – get to know one another – kind of experience, even for someone as small as me.. And while he looked friendly enough, I really wasn’t up for that.

Instead my eye was caught by something new – an even smaller books section?! What was this, pray tell, books at a record store? Had the world gone mad? This I needed to investigate and much to my joy, I discovered it to be a small section on artist biographies which I tore through in about two minutes and in the process ended up with about five books in my hands. Shaking my head rapidly from side to side, trying to figure out what had just happened, I ended up putting most of them back and was left with a DKK 100 copy of “Slash” – the autobiography of the Guns n Roses lead guitarist by the very same name – which I, in a very illogical move carried to the register and paid for before leaving.

An academic buying books may not seem entirely irrational, especially not when we’re talking a long haired academic buying autobiographies of famous rock stars.. But still, it leaves me with some explaining to do – mainly because I’m NOT in any way a Guns n Roses fan (sure, I own the greatest hits, but that’s about it), neither am I a fan of Slash – or know much about him for that matter.. More importantly, I have a thesis to write and tons of other texts to read, so winding down by reading additional books for my own enjoyment – about things that don’t really interest me as such.. Well, it doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice.

But then, yea, me shooting for obvious choices.. I’ll have to agree, it doesn’t happen all that often.. Besides, I’ve heard it’s supposed to be a really good and interesting read.. And now that I’ve picked up a copy and promised Helene I’d give her review, I see no choice but to read the damn thing and get it over with! Which shouldn’t really prove that much of a problem. Seeing as I picked the book up late this afternoon and I’m already almost 100 pages into it, and will have to admit that it actually is pretty good – my personal opinions about GnR and Slash aside.. It’s pretty over the top in a strangely fascinating kinda way. In that way I guess the tagline of “It seems excessive.. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” is pretty true.

Whether or not I’ll believe the cover hype of “The most insane biography you’ll ever read”, well, we’ll have to wait and see.. But then again, I read biographies by several people carrying the last name of Manson, works by Hitler,  LaVey and Crowley and other prominent nutcases.. I even made it through “Taming the beast” without flinching much.. So I guess I’m a pretty hardened reader and consider insanity a pretty close friend.. I will say, though, that so far it’s pretty damn good and pretty interesting. Much more so than I thought possibly by anything related to Guns n Roses, but there you go – there’s apparently still space for surprises in this world.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to get back to..


2 responses to “Slash

  1. Hey, so I guess you can recommend the book then? I guess I should check it out…

    I remember my mother being a huge Guns N’ Roses fan (?) during the 90’s, so I have been forced to listen to their music quite a few times… So I kind of know every goddamn song they have played. You know how it is…

  2. Your mom was a GnR fan?! Man, you all have such youngish, cool parents 😉 All my dad and I can agree on is Springsteen and that’s hardly 80’s metal..

    Yea, I guess I can recommend it, actually.. I’m a little surprised, but there you go. It’s of course a huge mess of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, so you’d have to be able to put up with that.. Other than that it’s honest, funny, desensitizing, disturbing. It tells a story of growing up in the LA rock scene, for better and for worse.

    And if you live near a Stereo Studio store, you can pick it up for 99,95 😉

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