Huh? What?

I had a really weird experience this morning – I woke up at 8:30 AM.. Figures, I try for weeks to get my life back on track and develop a somewhat normal pattern of working hard and sleeping in much the same manner as most sane people.. And the one day that I do manage to get up early is on a Thursday after a Wednesday evening of heavy drinking with Dunkel.. Go figure!

It defies all logic, really, we had much too much booze last night, much too fast.. I mean, it was good times and all, but we ended up sloshed and I’d more or less expected to spent all day feeling terribly hung over.. But I haven’t, not by a long shot. Instead I get up at 8:30, drink three glasses of water, go back to bed for another hour, get up, do some shopping, eat breakfast.. And start cleaning out my place.. Wa.. What? Not the worst possible turn of events, but certainly a weird turn of events.. Not one that I’m really complaining about, though.. Maybe more Wednesdays of watching Top Gear, drinking beers, chasing them with a movie, a few shots of absinth, music and colorful drinks are in order.. Or, maybe not – it was fun, though.

Of course it also means that while I’ve been feeling reasonably well today, I haven’t really put any work into my thesis which is something I guess I’ll have to make up for tomorrow before heading out and getting my drink on at the Uboat. This is somewhat unfortunate, but not too bad after all. In the days that I’ve actually put into my thesis this week, I’ve managed to write about seven pages of background and explanations that my mentor seems to think belong in there, so that’s pretty good, I reckon, and it’s almost sticking to schedule.. Which is also good, because I’ve been told over the years that staying on schedule is a good thing.

So for the sake of staying on this whole schedule thing, I’m trying once again to be a good boy and am staying in tonight and tomorrow afternoon for the sake of keeping my head clear and focused and getting some work done. The strange part of this being that I’m actually enjoying being creative and getting some work done.. I really must be growing old and boring 😀 .. Speaking of old and boring, I think this blog might be three years old in some two weeks or so.. Damn! Who’d have thunk I’d ever make it this far? Not me!

You’ll have to excuse me now, though, I’m off to dirty up my recently cleaned kitchen with a large batch of chicken stir fry.. Yum!


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