Did My Time..

Where, oh where, have all the updates gone?! Well, sorry, there hasn’t been time for updates. I’ve had an absolutely insane beginning of the week following a strict “work, eat, sleep, repeat” pattern – no kidding. In the first 72 hours of the week, I’ve spent 21 hours working on my thesis, 12 hours working at GLS, I’ve walked 45+ kilometers, nearly been struck by lightning twice and witnessed a rare display of male emotions.. It’s been an interesting ride to say the least and I’ve developed a new-found respect for people who are able to put in such an amount of hours on a regular basis..

There isn’t much to say about it all, really, except I’m reasonably glad it’s over. Believe it or not, the best part of it all has been the walking part. I’m sure others would think that outrageous, and granted I probably overdid it a little.. But thanks to some fucker who stole my second set of bike keys, I’m left without a bike and I had my last three shifts at GLS these past three days, so there you go.. Off on foot it was.. And strangely it was a good experience. I mean, after spending what pretty much qualified as regular working day on my thesis, it felt good to get a breath of fresh air and be able to think the daily work through before being slumped down in a chair at work in front of another computer screen for 4-5 hours.. The walks home were even appreciated, too, as they helped relieve the ever threatening stress headaches.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t much enjoy the part on Tuesday, but that was mostly owing to me getting stuck in a huge thunderstorm and a nasty one at that.. I generally like thunderstorms and all, but once you’re able to taste burnt air after a flash of lightning and find your ears ringing after the thunderclap, I’d say things are getting a little too close.. But hey, that’s probably just me.

Either way, as indicated above, tonight was my last night at GLS – and what a weird experience that was.. All complaints, jokes, wise-ass comments and what not over the years aside, I quite enjoyed working there. It wasn’t the most well-paid job in the world, nor the most interesting.. But the hours were good, pay was decent and I had a pretty good relationship with most people there, so while I complained through most of the night as always, it did kinda feel beyond strange when it came to an end along with my five year stint of working for the man.. I mean GLS. Since I was working up in the office tonight, I took the time to walk on down to the main terminal building to see my colleagues down there with every intention of telling them to go fuck themselves and have a horrible life.. Coz that’s kinda the way we roll down there. We talk a huge amount of shit, insult the living daylights out of each other and laugh at each other’s expense whenever possible.. Which is just our way of saying, “Hey, y’know.. I respect you!” 

Which is why I was a little surprised and thrown off when my boss as the first person in line came up to me, shook my hand and told me thanks for everything and take care.. Coz he’s really not like that.. Then another extended hand and more take cares from another roughneck colleague, followed by a firm handshake, a pat on the shoulder, then a firm shake and another thank you plus a “if you ever need anything, you know where we are” from my supervisor.. At which point I was like “Hey, wha? Wai.. Awww!” and left the scene not really knowing what to say and forgetting all about insulting anybody.. I guess you must’ve done something right over the years when you get all the big, strong guys showing appreciation and concern.. So not what I expected.. But then again, most of this week hasn’t really been what I expected..

All I know for now is I’m knackered.. Absolutely worn out.. And I need to get up early tomorrow because I’m still not in any way quite satisfied with how my thesis is coming on.. So I’ll go grab my seven hours of sleep before getting back up and cursing it all to hell tomorrow.. By the way, what is this easter holiday thing of which you all speak? And where can I get some?


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