I feel all.. Growed up like..

Wait.. Something isn’t right around here.. Or maybe things are finally right.. I don’t know.. All I know for sure is that things are different! I have for the first time in – God knows how many years spent my Easter sober, effective and working.. And truth be told, I don’t really know how to feel about that.. Good, I guess.. A little sad, somehow.. I don’t know.

Somehow it feels weird to be all serious like and keeping busy when everybody else are out enjoying their days off, having fun and acting irresponsible. In Denmark, Easter time spells a LOT of public holidays, so for a change I’m pretty much the only person left inside, keeping serious and getting work done – it’s usually quite the other way around. It has sucked at times, especially when the weather has been good and I’ve been wanting to get out and enjoy it.. But such is the way of the student. I have an intermediate deadline on my thesis a week from now and due to flu spells, inefficiency and a number of other reasons, I’m running more behind than I’d initially wanted to admit to myself – so I don’t really have a choice.. Bite the bullet, shape up and get back on track! So serious the new ways of the Johan.. So unlike me.

In other aspects, it hasn’t been too bad. My mom dropped by a care package the other day which was really nice of her, though it kinda confused me as it mainly contained chocolate, sweets and cookies from her trip to Italy.. A real sweet gesture, if not for the fact that I don’t eat chocolate, sweets and cookies.. But then again, she’s only known me for 28 years, how would she know? 😉 It did, however, contain some gourmet coffee and a nice tea blend which made me really happy as it has greatly approved the quality of the ritual that is my morning coffee and afternoon tea. I even ended up putting the cookies to good use in a sorta sad way as I ended up eating them one evening when I was hungry and didn’t really have anything to eat around the house.. Did I mention that Easter means a lot of public holidays around here and that stores are closed on holidays and that it’s all pretty much a major nuisance?

In other good news, my grandmother sent me a nice card the other day containing a nice personal update from her and an “easter egg” in the shape of a few hundred DKK – a tradition she’s come to apply for a few reasons. For starters she knows I don’t eat chocolate, and on top of that she worries, probably due to my scrawny build, that I don’t get enough to eat.. So every now and then, this Easter being no exception, she’ll slip me a few bills and ask me to buy myself a pizza or two.. Which I’d do, if it wasn’t for the fact that I hate Danish pizza more than most things in this world (EMO kids, duck and hardstyle music not included).. So generally I’ll slip my dear grandmother a little white lie and tell her the pizza was good while in actuality I’ll usually spend the money on real food, i.e. groceries.

So yes, what a new kind of Easter experience it has been for me. Not only have I been working and keeping busy, I’ve also drunk copious amounts of.. quality coffee and tea, and have been eating.. Really well, varied and all healthy like.. See, after having written off my many sick days to a staggering immune defense owing probably to vitamin shortage and a very simple diet, I’ve started doing weird shit such as eating salads, greens and vegetables that aren’t largely comprised of starch.. A huge step away from the usual beer, junk food, schnapps and more junk food plus beer.. I feel so grown up and responsible all of a sudden! Knowing me, though, it will probably all change once I get my thesis back on track, find the angle I’m sorta searching for at the moment and get back on schedule.. For now I’ll just enjoy my days without binge, a gut busting diets of fatty foods and alcohol with which to wash it down.. And the inevitable hangovers.. I don’t miss it at all.. Really.. Maybe.. Only ever so slightly..

Okay, I do a little.. As well should be.. It’s just not right having a blog entitled “Random Drunken Rants” devoted largely to discussing quality coffee and dinner salads.. Right? Right! I’ll see to it that I we get this ball rolling on the whole thesis issue so there’ll be time for some fun to be had, too..


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