It’s Pepsi.. With a twist..

I usually get some pretty bad ideas when I’m hung over. Today wasn’t much of an exception to this general rule. I was walking through the store to get some pasta for my dinner and as a walk to the register, I spot a product so ridiculous that I just had to try it. My reasoning being that it couldn’t possibly be any good and hence I’d have to try it.. Makes sense, right? Okay, maybe not.. Maybe the beers, shots and wine the night before had clouded my judgement.. Whatever, it make sense at the time.

The product in question was.. PEPSI MOJITO!? No, I kid you not.. Pepsi with a touch of lime and mint flavor.. And, as the bottle so proudly stated, NO alcohol! Now, I love Pepsi and I love Mojitos, but the thought of the two combined.. Well, it seemed deemed for failure.. And in a gung-ho “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” moment, I of course had to try it.. And yes, it was every bit as synthetic, weird and strange as you’d think.. I think next time I’ll take my Mojito with Havana Club Rum  and sans Pepsi.. Funny how something so terrible can come from mixing two of the best things in the world.. So sad!

By the way, the  pasta I got, I ended up eating half an hour ago.. At just past midnight.. This was partially owing to me being hung over and partially to me being kidnapped by Tina for a late night road trip to go to her brother’s house some 35 kilometers away to feed his cat.. Yea, I didn’t really get it either, but apparently he’s out of town and needs someone to feed the kitty, clean its litter box and such things.. Apparently this someone is Tina.. Oh well, it was a good trip after all featuring much bickering and arguing, some getting lost, a lot of wading around in pitch blackness and trying not to get hurt.. And a bit of catching up as well which is always good.

We arrived back at around 11:30 and I opted to get dropped off at Tina’s and walk home as I was feeling a little worse for wear after having been stuck in a car with a raging hangover.. When I did finally make it home, I was feeling a lot better, however, and for the first time that day both hungry and capable of eating things.. Which is why I at that time, close to midnight, got to cooking dinner.. Which, in keeping with tradition when it comes to midnight meals, became a huge batch of pasta with a huge bunch of fresh basil, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, black pepper and a hint of home-grown chili and a little chopped garlic.. Simple times.. Good times!

So, in an eventful day I’ve not only had my first brush with a Mojito flavored cola, I’ve also catched up with Tina, gotten scratched and purred at by a kitty and eaten more midnight pasta.. My only problem now is that I’ve done fuck all today to wear me out and have slept through most of the day.. So I’m in no way the least bit tired right now.. But I still gotta get up reasonably early tomorrow as I’ve got to be down at Tina’s by noon.. Should be fun.


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