Sleep deprivation, Murder Ballads and dry martinis

Well, that didn’t go too well.. Of course I didn’t make it to bed in due time last night, of course I juuuust had to finish reading Slash’s autobiography. And of course I had to end up staying up till 5 AM.. And then have trouble sleeping.. And of course I had to have my alarm go off at 10 AM, so that I might be at Tina’s in good time for our little working on thesis adventure.. Oh it was an interesting morning.. I think I might have actually ended up falling asleep in the shower a few times, and I think I might’ve accidentally gulped down my morning supplements with a mouth full of coffee rather than the glass of water I’d set aside for the very purpose.. See? Fun!

Either way, it only took me about two hours total to get down to Tina’s – where I walked right into a right scolding having something to do with me accidentally leaving my jacket behind at home and being too tired and lazy to walk back and get it once I’d made it half way there and realized I was actually a jacket short.. Apparently if I land myself another cold I’m not getting any sympathy or help this time around – I suppose that’s only fair. So, having argued a bit over my well-being, we sat down and walked a bit on our respective assignments which went well, for all of a half hour or so.. When things then went not so well for another half hour – before we decided to just fuck it and go for a walk around downtown and the lake which was rather cozy and colder for some than others, that some not being me.

Having already succeeded in wasting a lot of time that could have been spent working, we decided, once we’d gotten back home, to go for a short drive to drop off some stuff at Tina’s dad’s office.. Which also proved a lot more fun than working. We then drove back home, had lunch, worked for another odd hour or so, before boredom once more got the better of us. At this time, though, the clock was rapidly approaching 5 PM and I had to start heading home to get dinner under way and what not.. And besides Tina had a movie date with Jakob.. So off I went, stopping along the way at a record store to blow some money and some steam. I ended up getting Springsteen’s acoustic “Devils & Dust” album and a couple of Nick Cave records as well.. “Let Love In” which I wanted mainly because it had Loverman on it  (which sadly by some is probably best known as a Metallica cover on Garage Inc) and “Murder Ballads” which I wanted mainly because I remembered it to be an awesome album and it features duets with both Kylie Minogue and PJ Harvey.. So there. Oh, okay.. I wanted them for another reason as well, namely that Cave is playing this year’s Roskilde Festival and I’m pissed about not going.. So there, I said it.

Anyways, I got home, cooked dinner, ate dinner and put Murder Ballads on while I did the dishes. Which is when I was completely blown away as I’d absolutely forgotten all about the sheer intensity, darkness, feelings, melodies and haunting emotions of Nick Cave’s music. Now, I’m not really sure what a strict Christian upbringing coupled with a criminal youth, losing your father at age 19 and 20 years of heroin abuse does to a person, but I’m willing to bet it’s not much good.. Because, really, Nick Cave is messed up! In a really, really good kinda way.. His music is haunting and fascinating.. In that really morbid kinda way that sorta makes you feel freakish for liking it.

And granted, Murder Ballads probably isn’t his happiest work to start with coz, well, the songs mostly center around.. You guessed it. Actually, I think the only song that doesn’t involve murder is the very last track on the album, Death Is Not The Ends (which, speaking of covers, is actually a Dylan cover). In the remaining 9 songs on the album, the accumulated death count rises to a total of 64 which is.. impressive to say the least.

But it’s still a very good album which in some obscure way provided a really nice backdrop for doing dishes.. And even now, while I’m on my third iteration, provides a very good backdrop for sipping a single dry martini (Two measures of Tanqueray, one measure of Noily Prat and a pepper stuffed olive, thank you very much) after a long day and a job (somewhat) well done.. Hey, I did get SOME things done today! Now hopefully this wee drink will help me get to sleep a little earlier than 5 AM!


2 responses to “Sleep deprivation, Murder Ballads and dry martinis

  1. I also want to go to Roskilde!!! Wanna join?

  2. Sure.. I mean, I just don’t want to pay the ridiculous ticket price or spend another week in a tent.. I guess that only slightly complicates matters..

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