Three years of drunken rants.. And still going strong!

Today is exactly three years ago, to the date, that I started this blog. Back then I had no idea if it would even catch on and if I’d even still be blogging after three weeks, let alone three months.. Or a year, two.. even three for that matter.. But hey, here we are.. Three years later, and apparently I still have more or less coherent, relevant or sane commentary to provide on my life, every day events, recent happenings and the world of all things related to good food, good drink and random acts of self-destruction.

It always amazes and humbles me whenever I stop and look back like this.. I mean, I started out with two regular readers and no real sense of direction and purpose.. Three years down the road, I still have no sense of direction or purpose, but I dare say I have a little more than two regular readers. Of course, people have come and gone over the years, but still, in the long run, an average of 70 or so of you drop by on a daily basis.. Which is just plain cool! And with my 710 posts in 1095 days, I’ve almost fulfilled my intention of giving you a reason to drop by every day.. It’s still 0.64 posts per day, after all.

Apparently research shows that the average personal blogger is female and in her early to mid twenties. My long hair and the fact that I relate well to women aside, I think I’m failing pretty miserably at fitting into this stereotype. A lot of my readers do, however, so maybe that makes it all okay..

Another thing that makes me a misfit is my above mentioned lack of sense and direction. Apparently to gain success and long-time following in blogging, you have to narrow your scope, pick a single topic and a sense of direction in your blogging. I never really found out about this until about six months ago and in true Johan FTW (Fuck The World) fashion, I’ve chosen to blatantly ignore those directions in the six months or so I’ve know about it.. Apparently I’ll never have success.. I don’t know.. 70 readers a day, fans on four continents and a peak record of 1450 visitors in a single day.. I’d say I’m doing pretty well! And I, of course, thank every single one of you for making the whole ignoring the rules thing  still worth doing.. It’s mad for some pretty.. Ahem.. Interesting posts over the years and some quite interesting experiences..

I sometimes wonder why I’m still doing this after all these years, and then I’m like.. Oh right.. Coz it’s a hell of a lot of fun.. And because people bitch if I ever stop updating for too long.. I guess I’m a bit of an eccentric exhibitionist.


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