Home Sweet Home

I’m back home after a short, little unplanned vacation.. For those of you that haven’t quite figured it out, which is probably most of you now that I think of it, I was off for a weekend with my dad and his family in Nyborg.. Something that was planned like.. I dunno, 24 hours before it happened.. So, my apologies for not being too informative on that one.

Anyways, it was pretty good fun as I’ve probably already related, but I’m still glad to be home.. In that weird “it’s just good to be home” kinda way. I drove home with my dad last night which was a pretty interesting one hour drive.. We spent most of it listening to pop radio..I’m pretty sure it left me noticeably dumber.. For the hell of it, I’ll never learn to understand and/or appreciate modern age pop music. I’d like to say that people should be shot for listening to it, but that would be neither nice nor very tolerant of me, would it? No, I guess not..I swear to God, though, next time I’m forced to listen to “Human” by The Killers or any goddamn thing by Lady Ga Ga, I’ll scream and/or strangle somebody.

Anyways, I arrived home.. And all was well.. Or, well, most things were well.. My windowsill was total pandemonium. See, apparently I’ve come to own quite a few edible plants over the course of the last year.. And apparently they don’t take too well to being left in the scorching sun for three days straight with no ventilation, turning.. Or water for that matter.. Who’d have thunk? Apparently it’s already that time of year where I shouldn’t really leave for a weekend before getting someone to look after them.. And I want pets? Umm, yeah..

Either way, as a result I’ve spent about as much of today playing plant doctor as I have working on my thesis.. My peppermint was pretty much okay as it’d apparently sought shade under my small tree of a basil plant, some water and a bit of trimming and it was pretty much back in business.. It was getting too damn big anyways. The basil? Well, about half of it died.. But it’s ridiculously big.. Like really.. So I was retiring it anyways, cut half of it down (the dead part), saved the rest for nibbling on over the next few days, bought a new one and planted it in a much smaller pot.. Hopefully that’ll keep it somehow tame!

My chilies were a mess.. Oliver, my ornamental Capsicum Anuum really haven’t taken too well to the heat.. He was doing well, having set something like 20 fruits that’d grown well.. Now after three days in the sun, his leaves are all scorched and black, some have fallen off and what not.. Poor thing, I’ve no idea how that’s going to turn out.. Yea, I named him, so it’s only fair I should worry about his well-being! Heh..

My first ever chili plant, that I got from Tina, probably took the worst hit.. Which sucks as it was a much cherished present.  Drying out completely  and dropping about a handful of flowers and small fruits.. Which, in case you’re wondering, is a fucking lot.. So that’s not good either.. But then, it has a history of doing that and doesn’t seem too be doing entirely bad after a small bucket full of water.

My Yellow Habanero which may actually, come to think of it, be a Fatalii seems surprisingly well off despite having dried out as well.. But then again, it’s a tropical plant native to either the Caribbean or Southern Africa surviving through the winter on a Danish windowsill, and bearing fruit to boot.. So it’s kinda used to defying all logic. It too, dropped a few flowers and fruits, but after a bit of water (i.e. a lot), it livened up and actually started growing in front of my eyes.. Which led me to believe that it was probably suffering from growing pains rather than thirst.

So I got a brand new, larger pot for it which it seems to be enjoying.. So that’s good.. Except it’s taking up a hell of a lot of space and I have like six new breeds arriving in two weeks.. What? I told you I have an addictive personality! All in all, I think I managed to save most of everything in terms of the fauna around here, as well as getting some work done on my thesis.. Yup, multitasking at its best.. And another really boring Monday..


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