I am Ninja!

I witnessed a pretty strange bit of behavior yesterday, which I guess is saying a lot coming from somebody who’s rather well known for his own – at times – rather strange behavior.. But.. Either way..

I was on my way home after one of those evening walks that I quite enjoy after long days of being locked up inside working on a major written assignment. I had almost made it home and was walking along a major road leading up to the intersection where I live. When, from a side road, two youngsters turn out onto the sidewalk in  front of me. I don’t really think much of it besides noting that the guy on the left looks like he belonged in the Trench Coat Mafia of Columbine fanme, what with his black emo hair, black clothing and black trench coat and all.. I didn’t really have tome to think about it anyways because as soon as they’re on the road in front of me, trench coat guy lets out a huge shriek and in a voice that’s evidently still on the verge of breaking cries out “I AM NINJA!, jumps in the air, spins one, runs out onto the road, busts a few 70’s Kung-Fu movie like moves in the general direction of his companion, lets out a shrill “KIAAAYYYY”, spins, launches himself forwards and jumps straight into a low wall surrounding the local college.. After which he immediately half falls, half tumbles to the ground, where he lies wheezing and coughing for a few seconds before proclaiming “that fucking hurt!”

Not really knowing what to think and say at this moment, I just stare at the scene for a minute, shaking my head and proclaiming “Shinobi, you’re doing it wrong!” before moving on, leaving this horrible insult to hundreds of years of Japanese warrior tradition in my wake.

I never did figure out what the whole scene was about, so I ended up just going home and grabbing some food, feeling more confused than a cat in a Monty Python skit.


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