Back In Black.. Err.. Blue!

Well, that was interesting.. About a month ago, GLS fired me, giving me one month notice and basically telling me to kick back and relax as they wouldn’t really be needing me during that one month anyways. Two weeks ago, Lene, one of my top tier supervisors called me up saying that Mads, one of my partners in crime from my office job run with them had quit (which I knew fully well since he told me) and that they needed someone to cover his job.. And if I could please do it?

“Well,” I told her, “good thing you’ve just fired me then, huh?” – “Yea, I know,” she said.. “But, y’know..” Either way, the job was four hours a day, five days a week in the usual 9 PM – 1 AM time slot which I, in very polite terms told them there was no way I was doing. I’m working full time on my thesis as it is and there’s no way I’m working every night, too, not so much because I don’t have the time, but more because it’d leave me no time to socialize with my friends that are so important to me.. Which is also what I told Lene. We then talked back and forth a bit and she came up with the idea that maybe I knew someone who’d be up for assisting me on the job so I wouldn’t have to do 20 hours a week myself.. I agreed to give it a go, thinking I’d think things through first myself, pondering whether or not I really wanted to take the job back. Which I did, talked things through with Tina as well, got a bit of her input and probably more importantly vented my own thoughts and feelings on the subject.

After a few days, I figured as much as if I got someone to cover half of it, I could probably take care of the other half. It’d mean working more hours than I have in years, but it’d also mean making more money.. And I think I knew a guy who needed a job pretty badly. So, I got in contact with Dunkel and asked him whether he’d be interested in a job opportunity.. Coz, y’know, I’m a good friend like that.. And it turned out he really did, so I kinda laid down the scenario for him and he seemed thrilled and from there moved I moved on, calling Lene back tonight and negotiating the final few things into place.

So, it would appear that come Monday I’ll be able to don my blue working jacket again and go back to working for GLS. A full week before my one month notice would’ve actually expired, I managed to land my old job back, and get a friend hired as well.. Because I’m just that damned good!


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