The A-Z of Johan

Yes, because I’m that damn bored.. I stole another Facebook game.. And present, for your viewing pleasure, the A – Z of Johan: 

A – Age: 27, going on 28


B – Bed size: Queen.. No, I will not tolerate your jokes about sexuality.


C – Chore you hate: Erm.. All of them? Dishes, I think.


D – Dogs’ names: Don’t have one, used to have a black lab, Nanna.. Yes, that was a Peter Pan reference!


E – Essential start your day item: Vitamins, coffee, breakfast.. In no particular order!


F – Favorite color: Black?


G – Gold or Silver, or both: Silver, I don’t much care for gold.


H – Height: 6′


I – Instruments you play(ed): Umm.. Yea.. No..


J – Job title: Mainly a full time student – Other than that, Office Assistant, I guess.


K – Kid(s): No thank you!


L – Living arrangements: Basement apartment, I share a two family house w/ one other guy.


M – Mom’s name: Anne-Grethe


N – Nicknames: JB, The Flaming Dane (yea.. Thanks Moo!)


O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None so far, surprisingly


P – Pet Peeve: People who think that anything they yell at me while passing on the street could possibly affect the length of my hair or my decision about whether or not to cut it.


Q – Quote from a movie: “Oh, here it is. Bratislava. Hmm. Capital of Slovakia. Oh, here’s a fun fact: You made out with your sister, man!


R – Right or left handed: left


S – Siblings: none


T – Time you wake up: Usually around 10 AM. I’m very nocturnal 


U- Underwear: Boxers


V – Vegetable you dislike: Is horseradish a vegetable? It’s about the only thing I won’t eat.


W – Ways you run late: Oversleeping, mainly.


X – X-rays you’ve had: Erm.. Let’s see.. Ankle x 3, hips, Dentals x 3, jaw, skull.. Those are the ones I remember anyways.


Y – Yummy food you make: I’ll leave that for others to decide.. I think I make pretty decent pizza, lasagna, Chili Con Carne and Mexican in general, though. 


Z- Zoo/favorite animal: PANDA!


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