Web 2.0 – What a delightful waste of time!

I’ve been stuck inside a lot lately. It’s the downside to being a MA student, I guess. Apparently your thesis needs to be done in six months, come hell or high water.. Meaning that waiting for the weather to turn cloudy and bad before getting started really isn’t an option.

But it’s all good. I’ve had a lot of time for sitting around listening to music, I’ve had a lot of time for playing with Web 2.0 tools and technologies as part of my thesis on Web 2.0 and the problems of user-generated contents. Actually, I probably spend a little too much time playing with Web 2.0 technologies.. But therein lies the problem, I have a seriously addictive personality and me writing anything about a technological development that have spawned a lot of really addictive websites and services, in retrospect, probably wasn’t the best idea ever.. But my choice has been made and so there you go.

The general theme of my thesis is about how the whole Web 2.0 development has made it both easier and more appealing for the average Joe (Joe Six-pack, is it now?) to contribute contents to the web – be it in the shape of social networking, posting pictures or videos, engaging in user driven media sites or blogging – and how this creates an increasingly growing problem when it comes to storing, indexing and working your way through this whole mess – without too much getting lost somewhere in between an endless barrage of blog posts, status updates and holiday pictures.

My focus is on blogging (well, duh!) but with one of the central awesome/confusing/helpful/annoying aspects being that everything ties into everything else so nicely and seamlessly (check the sidebar to the right for reference, featuring both my pictures, recent plays on Last.fm, Blogged Position and what have you), needless I spent a lot of time playing with and looking at different technologies.. It’s such a delightful waste of time.. Mostly because some of them are actually pretty fun and addictive.. Add to that the fact that I always have Facebook, email and Instant Messaging running in the background.. And I think I’ve finally managed something that no man before me has: Successful multi-tasking.. Okay, scratch successful.. I guess that’d involve me actually being ahead of the game and really getting things done, huh? Either way, I’m certainly getting a lot of things done… Some of them even productive.. Some not quite so!

In the not so productive department, I did something I swore I’d never do.. I joined another Web 2.0 fad.. Namely Twitter! In m defense, I was drunk at the time, so I barely remember.. But I apparently did! And that’s all she wrote. Twitter is a bit of an odd breed which has really has no other purpose than allowing you to tell the world what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. It’s like text messaging for the masses and you’d think it’d be incredibly stupid.. Which it kinda is.. But it’s also surprisingly addictive.. And made me realize why Facebook suddenly changed their site to have such huge focus on status updates as compared to everything else.

Apparently we’ve all become such internet whores that we feel the need to tell the world what we’re doing on a regular basis.. And I for one am loving it! So, in the spirit of being all Web 2.0 and internet whore like, I’ve set up an account and linked it with my blog.. So now you can follow my messed up little life on an even more regular basis.. Great, isn’t it?

What’s that? Oh.. Yes.. I agree, I really need to get out more!


2 responses to “Web 2.0 – What a delightful waste of time!

  1. Hey Johan

    I actually wrote about web 2.0 in my BA project. Really interesting subject in my opinion…

    You should check out the book “The Cult of the Amateur” by Andrew Keen. I used it a lot in my assignment. It’s about how the interne is killing our culture and blah. Really pessimistic, but good reading and quite entertaining…

    Good luck with your work 🙂

  2. Hola Helene!

    Yea, as I recall we actually spent an entire night talking about that.. *cough* not geeky at all *cough* 😉 It _is_ an interesting subject!

    Thanks for the tip, I might have to look into that, my thesis is more on the technical side than the social aspect, but you never know, might still come in handy.. And thank you, thank you 🙂

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