My head hurts..

From constantly running it against the wall today.. Had my first major thesis writing crisis of which I’ll spare you the details.. Let’s just say that one way I’d established for collecting data turned out not to work in my favor which means I’ve had to put a lot of thinking into how then to do things.. So I’ve pretty much split my Sunday between thesis research, freshly ground gourmet coffee, a couple of meals and a small serving of good ol’ classic rock ‘n’ roll.

Things seem to have somewhat worked out in the end, at least I hope so, but I’m absolutely knackered now at 10:30 PM.. and I have to get up at 8:30 AM tomorrow for a meeting with absolutely no idea about how that’s going to turn out or how I’ll even manage. I’ll also have to schedule another meeting to figure out if my new way of doing things seems at all reasonable.. Good times!

On top of this, I managed to set my kitchen on fire today.. You’d think I’d make a bigger fuss out of that, but hey, let’s face it, this is like the fourth time since I started this blog that something like this has happened, so it wasn’t entirely too frightening.. As Zascha put it, I ought to know better by now.. But apparently I don’t! Apparently I was a little dazed and confused what with the whole thesis thing taking over my thoughts, so I managed to take an empty plastic bag from some frozen chicken bits and put it over a burner on the stove, then accidentally turning that burner on.. And not really noticing anything was wrong before the kitchen started smelling funky and flame-ups occurred. 

Luckily I’m quite skilled in the art of fighting small kitchen related fires and/or explosions by now – which is a totally different story – and this is nothing compared to some of the larger hot oil or spirit induced flame-ups I’ve managed to conjure up over the years. It was all pretty quickly beaten down.. But as it turns out, molten plastic is a bitch to get off a hot burner.. And you shouldn’t really be touching the blade of the knife you used for the job afterwards.. You live you learn, I guess.

I needs me some sleep, this is getting more incoherent than usual.. Do you guys ever get the feeling that you’re entirely wasting too much of your lives sleeping? I do, but maybe that’s because I’ve been used to not really sleeping at all.. Who knows? Eight hours of sleep a day.. I’m not buying it! Bah.. Humbug.. I tells ya!


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