Well, this is fortunate..

Yesterday was a pretty.. interesting day.. Seems pretty much everybody, myself included, were either really bad off or really depressed.. Which sucks coz it’s kinda hard to feel better about anything when everybody are collectively pulling each other down.

Anyways, today has been better, for me at least. I only have limited time to post as I’m already running behind on a 18 hour day (going on four hours of sleep, mind you!) so, I just wanna take the time out to be happy, thrilled and thankful that I had a really successful meeting with my MA thesis mentor today.

He not only liked my summary of what I’d done so far and my approaches, he also approved of and applauded my change in methodology that I spent all of yesterday working on.. And he’s looking forward to reading my assignment(!?) .. I should point out that while he is a guy who gives credit where credit is due, he’s also usually not a guy to hold his tongue if he’s not completely satisfied with something.. So for him to have no constructive criticism whatsoever had me leaving the meeting feeling all surprised and confused.. Like in a good kinda way! 🙂

I managed to swoop by a downtown store on my way home and get a birthday present for Emelie, the details of which, we shall not get into here, and then I went straight home and got cracking.. Right now, I’m cooking a bit of dinner which I’ll have to down in a few then head off to work. It’s been a busy day.. I already have one meeting behind me, as well as four hours of research and three of some more constructive work and writing.. And I still have work ahead of me.. Oh snap! It’s gonna be a long night.

Still, I can’t help but feeling a little happy and fulfilled..


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