“I ain’t stupid, y’know?”

It’s getting kinda late, huh? Oh well, I just got back from work. It’s rather good to be back, but in an odd kinda way. I have to adjust, I guess. Aside from being back, I also have more hours now which is all fine and dandy money wise, but a little stressing all the same. On top of that, I apparently also have new responsibilities in terms of tracking shipments and handling import/export paper work.. New tasks which kinda left me feeling like the old dog trying to learn new tricks tonight.

It’s not that I’m generally particularly bad at learning new stuff.. It’s just that I work nights on top of usually pretty busy days so at around 11 PM, my mind tends to want to wander a lot.. Which is fine when I’m not really doing anything that requires a lot of attention, but not so fine when my attention is needed or if I’m trying to pick something up.. So kudos to my colleague for not only explaining things to me not once, or twice but thrice and for answering my stupid repeated questions and putting up with my repeated mantra of “I ain’t stupid, y’know?! Where did this go again?”

In the end it all pretty much worked out, though, and I’m pretty sure I remember most of it for next time, if not, I should nail it soon.. It’s good to have more responsibility anyways, the nights go pretty long just staring at a screen, typing things up and alternatively browsing the web when there’s nothing to do.. Hey, I might grow to like this new job.

And.. Like.. Okay.. Speaking of mind wandering, I gotta round this thing off.. I’m absolutely, positively knackered and in need of both sleep and just generally not thinking and concentrating for a while. My day today was 4 hours shorter than yesterday.. Which still makes for a 14 hour day.. Wow, had I been a regular 37 hour a week full-time employee, I’d be able to take most of the rest of the week off.. Alas, poor Johan, it’s only Tuesday.. Well, Wednesday technically.. There’s still a long way to go. Signing off for now, then..


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