“Du wissen wo ist Berlin?!”

Apparently there’s this ongoing trend in my circle of friends (that I of course have nothing to do with..) that involves quoting the movie “Eurotrip” (if you haven’t already seen it – go rent or buy or whatever!) It all really escalated a few days ago when I put a quote in my Facebook status and since then, Dunkel and I have pretty much been throwing random quotes at each other on a daily basis .. With Tina and others chiming in a times for good measure.. It’s all good fun, until things turn frighteningly real..

See, Tina and I had our own little study into miscommunication pure Eurotrip style late this morning! But we’ll get to that in just a little bit. The back story is that we’d been visiting with Christian and Emelie who now live together at Christian’s place (technically now their place, I guess). Since we were invited for dinner and wine and what not last night, we figured we’d spend the night instead of driving home so that Tina could also enjoy some wine and what not.. It was all good, really.. There were five of us to begin with, we ate for like 10 people, had some good drinks, some good wine, frolicked around, threw out random Eurotrip quotes and references, insulted each other.. Some would say a little too much on my part, but that’s how I roll..Anyways, I’m sorry if I pissed you off, Tina 🙂

At some time around 3 AM, we decided on bed, having played two games of Trivial Pursuit, tipped over a few beers in the process, had a little too much wine to drink and having finished the left overs from dinner just for good measure.. All of us were pretty knackered and it didn’t really help that we were getting up six hours later in order to drive back to Kolding and get on with the day.. But such is the life of busy students.

Oh well, come morning we got up at 9 AM.. Or, Tina did and the rest of us followed in a more leisurely pace. We then cleared up the mess of the night before, ate breakfast and hung out a little before we needed to leave. Me, having probably once again miscalculated the work/rest/sleep ration was feeling pretty well knackered by this time, and I think Tina was missing her morning coffee as well. There was actually talk about hitting McD for coffee which goes to show how desperate we apparently were by then. As a result, we didn’t really chat as much as we usually do which was probably for the better because it seems that when we did, things pretty quickly went horribly wrong.

Between my history of mumbling when I talk, me being knackered and a general lack of coffee things quickly went a little askew on the communication front.. Culminating in an epic study in miscommunication which rivaled that of the infamous hitchhiking scene of Eurotrip fame:

Only our version was a bit more local: As we’re getting off the motorway and heading down to an intersection where we usually  make a right turn, Tina says something along the lines of “I wonder if it’d be possible to go straight across, then make a right further down or whatever.” My mumbling response is somewhere along the lines of “No, I’m not sure.. I think that’d just land us down by the hospital, and that’s not really where we wanna go” – So, we drive on and I keep on discussing the subject, either in my own mind or in my usual tired mumbling manner, not too sure.. Either way, when we make it to another intersection, I point left and what I think I say is something along the lines of “Doing what you just suggested, I think would just land us here.” What Tina think she’s hearing, on the other hand is more along the lines of “Hey, make a left here!” .. Which she does, in the nick of time!

Granted, I usually spent a lot of time trying to blame anything and everything on Tina, but I’ll be man enough to admit that this may have all been my fault.. Mainly because I’m pretty sure I was half-asleep and not at all coherent at the time.. So there..

Anyways, we then keep driving on, none of us really knowing where we’re going and each thinking that the other person knows what we’re doing. It’s all fun and games until Tina asks me where the hell we’re going and I reply something along the lines of “I thought you knew” which then spawns a discussion about whether or not I told her to go that way or not and the realization that Tina actually doesn’t know if we’re even in Kolding anymore.. Which I can assure her that we are, we’re just simply.. Uhh.. Taking the scenic route.. through the ghetto.. Which is a bit of a problem because it really isn’t the fastest way to my place and we kinda were running late as it was as Tina had another appointment to get to.

But eh, we figure it out, get back on track and drop me off on time, with Tina hopefully making her appointment, too.. What a mess.. And I do sincerely apologize for any part I may have played in it – Like, really! I promise I’ll get some sleep – as in a lot – as soon as I’m done with work tonight, I’ll probably even take tomorrow off from working on my thesis.. I figure my brain needs some time off..


2 responses to ““Du wissen wo ist Berlin?!”

  1. wow… en undskyldning 🙂 takker, jeg lukker lige min mund igen så 😉

  2. Haha.. Jeg tænkte nok det ville komme som et chok! 😀 Skulle lige se, om det kunne lade sig gøre 😉

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