Favorite concert moments

A few days.. Or weeks.. Or whatever.. ago I posted a video of my favorite ever concert memory  on Facebook. It was pretty much in that context I got to thinking that it’d actually be kinda funny to try and post a top five of my favorite concert moments. Well, as it turns out, it WAS pretty funny.. It also was PRETTY damn hard!

But I think I’ve finally nailed it.. Bear in mind that most of the videos are fan cams or bootlegs, so they may not be pro quality. I’ve included them still, though, as they paint a pretty good picture of what was going down.. And simply because I get all nostalgic like just watching them.

1. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills – Horsens Denmark, July 2008

When talking about charismatic and enthusiastic front men, I don’t think they come much better than Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. He just seems like a generally super nice, engaged and happening guy.. And even in his late 40’s his still jumping around stage like a fucking mad man. I’d waited 12 hours in the sun for this moment and when it arrived, I was the happiest aging metal head on the face of the planet.

2. Metallica – Battery – Roskilde Festival, Denmark, June 2003

Yes, I’ve given Metallica a lot of shit over the past few years.. But the fact remains, I am a HUGE Metallica fan and there was a time when they were good.. Like really, really good! This was my first 70,000+ show, when Lars walked in stage the place absolutely erupted, the opened with this song and tore that motherfucker up.. I’ve not talked to a single person in attendance that night who doesn’t rank this amongst their top concert experiences ever.

3. Rage Against The Machine – Guerilla Radio – Rock Im Park, Germany, June 2008

A lot of people slammed the band for their performance.. At times probably rightfully so. But the entire mood at this show was.. In a word.. INSANE! I’ve never seen so many people in one place in my entire life and literally ALL of them were going absolutely crazy. I mean, I’ve heard reports that the earth shook at times during the show. I was watching the entire show from the very back.. It was surreal!

4. Kid Rock – All Summer Long – Rock Im Park, Germany, June 2008

Yea, I know.. Kid Rock.. Gay, huh? Umm.. Yea, all I can say is, don’t knock him till you’ve seen him. We saw him not really knowing what to expect at a major rock festival and were pretty much all blown away by one of the most convincing performances of the entire weekend. This was my first time hearing this song, too perfect timing what with summer slowly rolling along, the sun up and all. I remember thinking something along the lines of “there’s your feel good hit of the summer right there” I guess I was right!

5. Rammstein – Sonne, Gentofte Stadium, Denmark, June 2005

HEADBANGING!! Okay.. Umm.. If you’ve never seen Rammstein live.. GO SEE!! Seriously!! They’re on tour come winter and the spectacle of lights, pyro and stage show is beyond ANYTHING you’ll ever see.. I was flabbergasted back then and still am.. These guys are nuts! And dangerously close to the flame! And possibly on drugs! (Yes, I know I kinda cheated and used a pro recording from another show on that one.. But same tour, same stage show, so eh..)

I should make a lower half of this list at some point and turn it into a top ten.. Or make an honorable mentions addendum.. So many great memories..


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