FUCK THAT! We’re leaving the country!

My Macbook crashed on me today for the first time.. And it did so with a vengeance. After going strong for 48 days without rebooting or problems..  And, of all things in the world, it did so because of a stupid damn Microsoft product! See, I’ve been using MS Word for my last few written assignments because, all things considered, I’ve found it a pretty good text processor.. Until today anyways where it suddenly decided that it, for whatever reason, needed 44 gigabytes of memory to run properly.. Which is a little more than my Macbook came with. So, after eating up all my memory and virtual memory and telling me to close windows because it was running out of resources.. A bit greedy, I should say.. It crashed.. With a bang.. Took the system down with it, and since it apparently didn’t find space to store the 44 gigabyte file it thought it was working with, it didn’t autosave anything before deleting my work for the day.. Which amounted to about six hours at that time and left me ever so slightly.. Shall we say pissed?

Strangely enough, as is so often the case when trouble is afoot, Dunkel showed up unannounced at my door not two minutes after the incident at which point I was still fuming, cursing and playing a little too much Slipknot a little too loud. He was apparently in the neighborhood by car and was wanting to know if I’d be interesting in shoving my thesis and running off with him for a few hours to visit his grandparents and make a break across the border – which, at the time, I was only too happy to do.. So we piled into the car and set off, I texted Tina and asked if she needed anything from across the border and things were fine for a while before I realized that I hadn’t in any way brought any money with me.. And apparently neither had Dunkel.. Alas, we had a deadline to keep and couldn’t make good speed as we were running on a spare tire.. So we decided to just push on, apologize to Tina who had by then sent me a great, long list of purchases for her and Daphne and just drop by Dunkel’s grandparents and then take it from there.

As luck would have it, Dunkel have great grandparents so when we arrived they not only invited us in for a Coke (which I’m still suffering a sugar rush from, seven hours later.. I don’t deal well with sugar), they also had a nice long talk with us about our recent employment/re-employment, our plans and dreams, random anecdotes from trips to Holland in the 60’s.. And they even lend us a little cash so that we might actually buy a thing or two when we made it past the border.. Awesome people!

Not too long after waving goodbye to Dunkel’s grandparents, our beat and broken ride made it past the border to the fair city of Flensburg and into the parking lot of a local market. The loan we’d received of DKK 300 wasn’t gonna get us very far when it came to shopping for Tina and Daphne.. Or ourselves for the matter, so we decided on a combined effort and put some money into supplies for Rock Am Ring which is exactly a month a way today. And by supplies I mean, of course, a case of beer, a case of hard cider and a liter of booze to be shared between Dunkel, Tina and I. Dunkel had his sincere doubts about whether or not this would get us anywhere, but we had neither time nor money to invest in further shopping – this was Dunkel’s working night, after all, and we had to make it back for that.. Or various people would’ve probably been pissed.

So, we stocked our supplies in the car, found the highway back home and rode all the way back on our little spare tire at the blazing speed of 80-90 km/hr.. Which, given the time at which we left and the distance traveled, meant that we made it back like 20 minutes before Dunkel had to leave for work.. And about five and a half hour after I’d last had a meal.. Which anyone who knows me will testify leaves me almost as grumpy and confused as someone who has only twenty minutes in which to get ready for work. So while Dunkel hurried home and got ready for work, I hurried home and got dinner ready..

Not in any way the day I had hoped for or planned on, but at least parts of it were pretty good.. But man am I gonna have a long day ahead of me tomorrow? Oh bugger!


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