Oliver, I hardly knew ya’!

I woke up today to find a huge cardboard box outside my door.. A box full of chili plants none the less! I think it’s no real secret by now that I have an obsession with growing edible things – and an obsession with capsaicin and anything chili related.. Chili plants included. A few months back, all those obsessions kinda merged and a went a little overboard ordering plants off a website.. But hey, that’s just how I roll!

Anyways, since I don’t really have the proper lighting and heating for growing plants from seeds, I opted to get live plants, which, of course first needed to be sowed and sprout by the grower.. Which they’ve now done and as such, they were dumped in front of my door by a friendly courier this morning, and I’d like to think I got a nice little selection to play with in my cooking and what not.. When they get around to actually blossoming and producing fruit, that is.

I’ve always been a big fan of Mexican food and as such I’ve also always loved Jalapenos.. So I just had to get a pair of those.. Of a variety that’s apparently cultivated especially for norther European condition. Asian food has always been a hit for me, too, so a red Thai chili seemed in order as well.. And of course, I needed a standard red Habanero; a red monster of a chili that I fell in love with a few years back because it has this nice fresh, fruity thing to it.. And an insane, but addictive kick to boot.. It was long considered to be the hottest chili in the world (but we’ll get back to that) and even I’ll attest that it’s pretty damn hot.. And people tell me I have a pretty crazy tolerance when it comes to chili.

Speaking of Habaneros.. My next choice was a Chocolate Scotch Bonnet which is supposedly a Jamaican cousin of the Habanero which is supposed to have this chocolaty, coffee-like quality to it.. And an insane punch as well.. Something that just sounds way too interesting for me not to try it! I imagine it’ll go really well in my chili con carne recipe that I’m still trying to perfect.

And speaking of the world’s hottest chili.. I found her! The infamous and legendary Bhut Jolokia, aka Naga Jolokia, aka Ghost Chili, aka whatever. A chili so hot the Pakistanis apparently use it for keeping herds of elephants off their crops and is rumored to have made many a grown man cry from eating it.. How could I not get that? So I got this little baby:


I must admit it doesn’t really look that scary, but looks have been rumored to be deceiving so I reckon I’ll probably end up pretty burned on this one. It’s really small and cute-like, though.. I was actually jokingly considering naming it Tina after my bestest little friend who, like the Bhut Jolokia is about half the size of everyone else her age, but still unique, cool and fascinating. I realized, though, that there’s the odd chance that I’d end up killing the poor thing.. And I really don’t want to be responsible for killing off Tina, so that idea was quickly scrapped.

And that’s all I got, honest! Okay, admittedly, that was probably quite enough.. My window sills are kinda full at this point.. And I somehow along the way forgot that I had three chilis to begin with.. So I’m probably gonna have to do something about that.. My yellow habanero/fatalii/whatever it is, I’m keeping coz it’s really big and cool-like. My first chili that Tina got me, I’m hoping to keep at least for the season because it’s doing well, and it was a gift, too.. And that leaves poor Oliver, my pet ornamental chili.. Which I’m afraid I’ll have to find a foster home for.. He’s doing so well, and I just can’t get myself to kill him off.

Luckily, when I went by Tina for a small visit today and kinda loudly contemplated the idea in front of her, she asked if I maybe thought she had the room for him and if so, then maybe he could live there? This, of course, was a grand idea, and actually the only reason I hadn’t proposed it myself was she told me a while back she didn’t need more plants.. But I guess she changed her mind.. So there! We quickly both agreed that this was the best possible solution because that way he’d be close and I could come visit.. And the only other alternative, really, had been to leave him in the care of my mother who apparently has a history of killing chili plants.. And him not getting killed was my basic reasoning for putting him in a foster home..

So there, it all worked out beautifully! I got six new chili plant to play with and Oliver gets to go live with Tina.. Let the Capsaicin madness begin!


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