Of religious holidays in Denmark

Last Friday was the next installment in a seemingly endless row of Danish religious holidays. I always found this long stretch of secular holidays to be kinda funny in an ironic kinda way since we, in general, are a very non-religious nation as compared to other countries  around the world.. I mean, really.. We have a total of five public holidays centered around Easter (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday), with Ascension Day and Pentecost trailing not long behind.. And on top of that we’ve got a little something called Great Prayer Day (last Friday) thrown in between for good measure. The general idea of Great Prayer Day apparently being that it’s the unification of a host of other religious holidays that took place in 1686 (there’s your strange fact of the day, Tina!).. Boy I’d have loved to see how things looked before that.. I’m fed up enough with holidays as it is!

I should point out that this is in no way owing to an anti-religious stand on my part (though I’m not particularly religious either), it’s just a general feeling of frustration against all of society coming to a halt for days on end – a practice that has always annoyed me whether I was a student or part of the working force.. But then, it’s apparently part of my personality to be upset and bitter about everything that other people enjoy and treasure 😉

Anyways, we commemorated Great Prayer Day in a rather special manner this year. I started out having lunch with family at my mother’s where I’d spent the night before as I had work on Thursday and didn’t much feel like walking all the way home at 1 AM and then getting up at 7 in order to be at my mom’s at 9.. Certainly not when she lives right next to where I happen to work.. So I slept over at her place, got up, ate breakfast and helped her prepare the last few things before the guest arrived. They eventually did and we had a nice dinner of ham, roast potatoes, mixed salad and a lovely blush wine to go along.

After dinner, I spent some time teaching my small cousin how to throw up the horns as this is something I feel every kid around his age should learn, we then had coffee went for a short walk and the guests eventually left which gave my mom and I some time to struggle with getting my old child bed down from the attic.. Which we apparently needed to do because one of her friend’s kids is apparently having a baby one of these days and apparently such creatures need beds, too.. So we salvaged my old bed from the attic in the hope that he might be able to use that.

Fast forward a couple of minutes or 40 and I’m basically on my way home, packing some free food that my mom kindly offered me when I receive a text message from Dunkel who happened to also be on his way back home.. We text back and forth for a while and decide in the process to commemorate the day by getting entirely wasted and doing stupid shit.. Yay! As he’s on his way back to town by train and I’m on my way downtown by foot, we decide to make a small race of it and meet up at the train station and then sorta take things from there.. Actually, the whole thing may have been seen as a tribute to the sad state of Danish public transportation as I, after a 40 minute race, end up beating him by five minutes despite me being on foot and him on a train.

Either way, we meet up at the train track and as I’m packing free food and other great stuff, we decide to just walk directly back to Dunkel’s by way of the only supermarket in town open on public holidays where we pick up some vodka, a curious looking (and vile) banana bread beer and some more food.. Just for good measure, y’know? We then walk home to Dunkel’s where we store our stash in the fridge, I whip up some food and a beer and the incoherence commences. 

Things are fine for a while, just sipping beers, then Dunkel throws in a one liter bottle of licorice liqueur that we had originally bought for Rock Am Ring (and I guess we now have to replace). From there we move on to vodka and pomegranate liqueur topped with sparkling water and things went entirely downhill as Einar and Jens also joined the party and it was agreed that drinking games should be played. We kicked things off with our in-development Eurotrip drinking game which was considerably more forgiving in this installment than it was last time around but still left us pretty happy faced for things to come..

Which included not only a simplified drinking version of the card game UNO, but also a new, funnier and more hardcore version of the classic Danish rules game which basically consists of X number of players taking turn flipping cards from the pile with various actions associated with each card (take four sips, give  four sips to another player, etc).. Only we kinda reinvented things and came up with entirely new rules for each card, most of which involved either drinking copious amounts of alcohol or embarrassing oneself in one way or another. I don’t quite remember all the rules that we came up with but six was “Make a speech and do a shot”, nine was “leave a message on Petsen’s answering machine”, four was “take four sips” and jack was “reveal a fact about yourself that no one around the table knows” – something that I, of course, can’t get into because parts of the agreement was that those facts didn’t leave the room.. Other cards were “Roll two dice and take the number of sips the eyes dictate”, “make up  new rule” .. It was, to sum up, FUN! And intoxicating.. As apparently between the four of us, we went through a 24 pack of beer, one and and third bottle of vodka, a bottle of pomegranate liqueur and a liter of licorice shots.. Bleh..

Jens was the first to be sent reeling and suddenly had to make a rather quick exit. The rest of us sat around for a while, finishing up a few drinks and trying to please Einar by finding and playing “that really popular song from the late 90’s that mixed hard rock/metal and rap” – which after about an hour of extensive trial and error was revealed to be Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name.

After this, Einar, too, had had enough and called it quits. Dunkel and I sat around for a while talking about all or nothing (I really don’t recall) before I, too, staggered home quite drunk and happy faced at around 4 AM, realizing that throughout it all I had forgotten to say even the smallest of prayers.. Whoops.


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