Running, scrambling, trying..

Wait, I don’t think that’s exactly how the song goes.. Nevermind..

Busy day today!! I haven’t been doing much work in terms of my thesis, but between packing for the upcoming Brussels trip, trying to figure out travel arrangements for Rock Am Ring, taking care of business and busying myself with insane projects, I think I’ve, never the less, had my work cut out for me.

Packing was probably the easiest part of the process, since I haven’t really done it yet. Well, I’ve done laundry and packed a few bottles of wine, does that count? I’d have thunk that making travel arrangements for Rock Am Ring would be easier, but that was before I took into account the possibility of seemingly simple things going horribly askew. Apparently there’d once again been some sort of miscommunication so that my planned time of departure coincided with Tina’s planned time for finishing up her last day of work before our summer festival adventure.. Confusion, scrambling, departure/price checking, rearranging and a bit of arguing ensued.. Not at all helped on by the fact that both of us were having a pretty bad and stressed out day. But in the end, it was all cool.. Tina and I have this great friendship where we’ll blow up or blow a little steam off at one another and then be like “Y’know, I’m having a really bad day, I’m sorry.. No, I’m sorry.. Etc..” Heck, Tina and I have the kinda friendship where we’ll be perfectly fine and still decide to bitch, moan and groan at one another for no apparent reason other than the fun factor.. Long story short, Tina managed to pull a few strings and get out of the last few hours of her shift that evening (thanks babe!) and I managed to score us some really cheap train tickets for that very same evening departure, so hopefully in the end, it all worked out.. And with the added joy of being on hold with the railroad company hotline, it only set us back about an hour.

Which meant that I was now running pretty late with my other plans for the day which involved getting some Euros for the trips ahead of us, picking up some writable CD’s to burn playlists for the looming road trip to Brussels onto.. And taking Oliver, my ornamental chili, down to Tina who has agreed to keep him for me since I’m running out of space on my windowsill.. So I picked up a bag, gathered some stuff and rushed out the door, then rushed back and remembered to pick up Oliver before rushing back out the door and towards Tina.. Where, on the way, I ran into Louise who I hadn’t seen in ages and who looked reasonable surprised to see me sprinting along, carrying a semi-large ornamental fruit-bearing chili plant in my arms.

“Oh, y’know, just taking Oliver for a little walk,” I ventured. “Oh, umm.. Okay.. He likes that then?” came the reply.. To which I’d have to confess that I had no idea but that we’d just have to find out. We chatted for a little before I had to rush on which was probably for the better as we’d met up in the middle of a busy intersection. I made it to Tina’s a few minutes later and stayed there for like all of a minute or so. Basically just long enough to drop off Oliver, take a look at some route plans and then scrambling off again nearly forgetting myself, my belongings and my manners in the process.. Way to go Johan!

I spent the next twenty odd minutes running around downtown looking for writable CD’s without much luck, anywhere I went were either sold out, only carried large packs or didn’t know what a writable CD was. I eventually ended up at some photo shop where I, after explaining to the clerk what I was after and where on the shelf behind him he could find said item, I managed to score a few CD’s which I triumphantly carried with me on my run towards the bank which was about to close.. But apparently no more so than they found time to completely ignore me for a few minutes once I arrived short of breath, dazzled and rather upset after having just run into a bunch of local politicians on the street who’d have very much loved to tell me about their political agenda.. Which I in no way agreed with.

Having stood up to being ignored for about five minutes, I eventually got my pretty euro bills and was rewarded with a quick dash home to check on my latest project of the day.. Which also just happened to be my most insane cooking adventure yet, an honest attempt of making home-made demi-glace from scratch. Yea, I know.. 30 hours for a sauce.. Count on the French to make seemingly simple cooking procedures all drawn out and bombastic like. But hey, I like a challenge.. And it’s mostly just a waiting game.. Had it not been for the fact that by the time I left, I wasn’t sure I’d gotten the temperature under the stock pot just right, so I was rather interested to see if I’d come back to a cold stock or a burned mess.. Neither of which happened.. But there has been a strange veal-like aroma taking over the house for the past 12 hours.. Hmm.. I’m actually looking forward to the result of this crazy experiment and am hoping it’ll offer a little extra to the combined birthday dinner I’m putting together for Zascha and Tina on Friday.

So, that was it for the day, right? No, there was still the matter of a working night at GLS, with overtime to boot, and the writing of this update.. Which I promised myself I’d keep short, but alas poor Johan.. Either way, I’m off to check on my insane, retarded cooking project one last time, then off to bed for a few hours of sleep before starting all over again tomorrow..

But then, on the day after tomorrow.. We’re off to Brussels.. YAY!


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