First international post! Woo!

Well, given the chance, I thought I’d at least grab it and make my first ever post from another country. I’m currently chilling at Zascha’s pad in Brussels after a long day of beer shopping, touring both the city and the European Parliament and birthday dinner with friends.

It’s been an epic journey to say the least and I’ll have a lot more to say about it in the future.. Suffice to say, as is so often the case, things haven’t gone entirely according to plan, but it’s been a good ride none the less..

More to come once I return to Denmark. I’m absolutely knackered, haven’t slept nearly as much as I should have in the past few days..  and we have a long ride home ahead of us tomorrow. So for now, I bid you goodnight, and post one of my surprisingly few posts spanning less than 200 words.


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