Eurotrip 2009, Day 1: One Night In Brussels

Seeing Zascha again was plain awesome and the fact that she was packing an umbrella for us to huddle under in the pouring Brussels rain didn’t make me any less happy to see her.. But still, it was a bit of a fast greeting as it was both cold and wet standing around on the street, so we quickly gathered our luggage and belongings from the car and rushed down the street through 27 sets of doors (okay, it was only three, really) and up some stairs to Zascha’s new.. and AWESOME.. apartment where we were quickly treated to a grand tour, on which I mainly noticed that she was now the proud owner of a gas-fired stove.. So not fair! I may or may not have been quoted as saying that I wanted to move in with her for the sake of being able to cook on it every day.


As far as schedule went, we were now running not only late but reeeeeally late, so dinner pretty much became our primary concern as Tina and I hadn’t eaten for ten odd hours or so and our meal back then hadn’t really been of any significant nutritional value (except calorie-wise anyways). Zascha offered three options (pizza, pub and home-cooked). With our brains being pretty much too fried to make any kind of decisions, we eventually after about 15 minutes ended up deciding on home-cooked which involved going to the store and picking up some things for Zascha to “throw together”.


Did I mention it was raining cats and dogs? Right.. Yea..  So, yeah, my first ever real view of Brussels, other than massive traffic and tiny one way streets, became mainly that of a lot of legs walking by as Tina and I huddled together under an oversized umbrella held high enough for Tina to move freely but still low enough to cover most of my vision.. This led to a lot of fun incidents such as me banging into various lamp posts and buildings whenever Zascha tried to point out interesting pieces of street life. But never the less, I made it to the store, through the store and back home to Zascha’s pad without too many major injuries.


Safely back at Zascha’s we were treated to the rare sight of Zascha cooking which is something I didn’t even see often when she lived here and we ate together like 3-5 times a week.. Shame really, because when she does try, she does really well.. She banged up this whole whopping portion of pasta tossed with ricotta cheese, fresh basil, chopped shallots, garlic, smoked salmon and pine nuts.. Which tasted plain awesome, especially paired with a nice, little Pinot Noir she’d found somewhere in France. I must’ve put down like three or four big portions but still didn’t manage to finish the whole lot which I felt kinda sad about and subsequently tried to blame Tina for the left-overs, but apparently I was the one who egged Zascha on to make such a large portion by saying that I’d be able to finish ALL of it – NO problem! I blame the two hours of sleep paired with whopping amounts of caffeine and 2000% GDA of vitamins owing to the Red Bull for such ridiculous statements.


After dinner, we sat down with the rest of the awesome wine, chatted, hung out, ate some snacks and tried to complete a game of Trivial Pursuit which we had to abandon on grounds of everybody being too tired for anything to make sense. Regardless, it was nice to catch up and hang out a bit even if all of us were entirely spent and in need of bed – which rather quickly became the next logical step.. We had a long day ahead of us the day after anyways. So, I got ready to crash on the couch while the girls got ready to crash in Zascha’s bedroom, doing whatever it is girls do that take 30 minutes before bed.. We said our goodnights and crashed pretty instantly.. At least I think we did, I only remember laying my head on the pillow, thinking “I probably won’t be able to sleep” then blackness, then waking dazed and confused at 5 AM the next morning..


To be continued..


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