Friday, Drunken Friday

I think I mentioned already that it occurred to me lately that I’ve been working myself a little too hard. I guess I didn’t really notice exactly how hard until Thursday night at 2 AM when I rose from my seat at GLS, muttered “Fuck me, I’m knackered” and immediately blacked out, having to grab the table as to not suddenly make an ass of myself and stumbling face first on the floor.

I did regain my composure and pretty much acted like nothing had happened, but it was the time that I did finally realize that it was time to take a fucking break! The sad reality is that over the last couple of weeks I’ve lost six kilos (for a morning weigh in of 64 kilos.. Hmm..), slept way too little, and not even realized how much I’ve worked myself.. Interesting.. As a result I’ve now put myself on forced vacation for a week’s time.. Which I’m quite enjoying, thank you very much!

I decided to celebrate my new found freedom by doing something I hadn’t had the opportunity to for a while.. Going down to the Uboat on Friday night to cause some mayhem.. Which I like to think I succeeded at. After a nice little dinner with myself and a quality brew, I arrived at around 8 PM to various joking questions of “Who the fuck are you?” – Sheesh, you disappear off the face of the earth for a few weeks and suddenly no-one remembers you?

Oh well, old habits die hard, so I fell right into my old routine of popping a beer and finding someone to annoy. I pretty quickly ran into Michael x2 and the three of us sat down, downed a few and talked some music. We were joined briefly by a new girl, Kathrine, who seemed a little lost in our heated discussion about Slipknot and the likes, so we decided to move on to something that everybody could relate to – namely joining Tina and Daphne in a game of “Dirty Scrabble” – which is apparently quite similar to ordinary Scrabble, only you’re only allowed to play dirty words or words which you have a dirty story about.. And was a hell of a lot harder than you’d think.

We played boys against girls which of course gave us three boys a supposed advantage over the two girls.. ‘cept they were kinda kicking our asses anyways and when they re-enlisted the help of Katherine, we did the only reasonable thing and mustered more help in the shape of Frank and Jens.. Which didn’t really help too much as we still had a hard time gaining a visible advantage.. Eventually, I’m pretty sure the game officially ended in a draw, though I of course wasted no time in declaring us the winners.. I don’t know.. In the end we all got drunk, so I guess we were all winners.

Having abandoned the game, I spent a surprising amount of time talking to Michael Kristjansen about stuff that I remember surprisingly little about, but I’m pretty sure the essence evolved around metal, festivals and punk rock. I also spent a surprising amount of time talking about music with Katherine who turned out to be somewhat of a rock chick and still, at some point really made me laugh by posing the question: “Hey, have you heard of Bruce Springsteen?” Blondes can be so adorable at times 😉 Yes, I may own a record or two of his.. And of course had to express my love for the girl when she mentioned being a fan.. As you’d generally do with someone you’d more or less only just met..

I ended up losing a few hours of the night, the small hours between 2-4 AM all seem a little blurry, but I’m pretty sure I had fun, ended up behind the bar at some point, sold two packs of smokes to the same girl within like three minutes and scored tips on both sales despite not really knowing what I was doing or why.. Cool stuff, scored me enough money to buy some new weird “pear cider” product that I really wanted to try for God knows whatever reason – and turned out to be every bit as horrible as I’d expected.. Which just goes to show how senselessly drunk we were all getting by the end of the night.

People eventually started giving in and leaving, hopefully not owing to me and some other boys having taken over the music. Tina left around 4 AM which was incidentally when I started realizing how fucking late it was getting.. Or early.. All depending on how you look at it, I guess. Apparently the poor thing really cut up her poor foot on her way home and apparently we had some kind of text conversation about it which I barely remember which really goes to show that it was about time to head home. Which we very fittingly did not too long after.. Seeing as the sun was now up and most of us were looking a lot worse for wear than we had in a long time.. So we ended up saying our goodbyes and heading off in our separate directions thanking each other for the good times shared by all.. 

I’m not entirely sure when my head hit the pillow, but I have a feeling it was some time after 5 AM but before 6.. Which seems reasonable considering that I was out cold for most of the day Saturday.. It was worth it, though, I needed some time out!


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