Johan has a blonde moment.. Or two..

Fuck me, I’m an idiot sometimes.. And since I make such a great number of other’s (*cough* Tina *cough*) having their blonde moments and/or being adorably retarded, I guess it’s only fair I share some of my own mental slips..

Ahem, anyways, as some of you will know, I have real problems getting enough fats into my diet as I don’t generally respond too well to it, I also eat nowhere near as much fish as I should.. And as a result, I take fish oil capsules as a supplement every morning. Those who know me even better will know that I’m constantly on a quest for useless knowledge, especially when it comes to food, and it was probably for this reason that I found myself reading the nutritional information and ingredients on the container of said fish oil capsules.. Which is something you shouldn’t ever do because it leads to you discovering pretty disturbing facts such as fish oil capsules containing amongst other things, bovine gelatine.. A fact that hugely upset me for all of ten minutes because I felt more emphasis should be put on these pills containing animal byproducts. Because what if vegetarians unaware of this fact were to eat the pills and as such unknowingly violating their diets and moral beliefs..

I was actually well on my way to texting TIna and crying out my rage until a little voice inside my head finally posed the pressing question: “Wait a moment, dumb ass.. Why on earth would vegetarians eat something clearly labeled as containing fish? Fish are friends not food!” – so, in the general interest of not making a complete ass of myself, I quickly deleted the message I’d about finished typing and went on with my everyday business..

Something that went well for all of six odd hours or so until I found myself at work, talking to a few of my colleagues including Remi, our resident Latvian guy. I don’t actually remember most of the conversation, being rather busy (believe it or not) with my chores at the time, but somehow we get to talking about Russians to which Remi, in his thick accent, comments: “I was born in Soviet Union!” – to which I kinda laugh to myself and go “Pffft.. Right, you’re from f’ing Latvia, silly!” – though, again, thankfully not out loud! That’s right.. Apparently the fact that Latvia was a part of the Soviet Union until 1991 had blissfully escaped me along with the fact that vegetarians don’t eat fish.. Good grief!

But, y’know, I so enjoy making fun of other people’s blonde moments, I guess it’s only fair I contribute a few of my own.. I’ll try not to let them become too frequent, though.


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