In all honesty, it was to be expected..

Bit of a confusing, unplanned, unscheduled but still pretty awesome day today. I kicked things off doing something I haven’t really done in a long time; getting up to start the day at 8 AM. Not that this is something I particularly wanted to do, but I had a thesis meeting at 10 AM, so I figured I’d better get on up, get showered, shaved and have some breakfast before heading off.. A combination that I usually forget at least one aspect of on Monday mornings, be it shaving or eating or both. But not this morning! No, this morning I was up early and apparently so was Tina as I’d barely been away for a minute before getting a text from her.. Which spawned a bit of a conversation and eventually the idea that I pop by her place for a working day once I’d finished my meeting..

Or well, once I’d finished my meeting and spending about an hour walking around town and enjoying the sun. Because, well, as is apparently the new tradition, my meeting lasted all of seven minutes.. Apparently my thesis is still on track, my mentor still likes what he’s seeing and what I’m doing and my questions are easily answered.. So, our meeting was pretty much just a matter of me pulling up a chair and him going “So how are ya.. Got any holiday plans? Oh, you’re already over this. Well, as regards your progress, it looks fine, and here’s the answer to your question..” – That’s basically how it went down anyways.. So while Tina spent some time getting her place and herself tidied up, I spent some time walking around downtown and killing time by browsing various specialty stores and delis.

I then, once I got the okay, headed down to Tina and did my best to spread some creative spirit.. Something I failed at rather miserably.. Or well, it went well for all of an hour or two, before I started wandering around restlessly and proclaiming every odd hour or so that it was “time for a fucking break!!” – Eventually I decided that I was probably becoming such a nuisance for Tina that I’d better go blow up some steam on my own.. So, while she’d offered to provide dinner, I offered (after some arguing and convincing) to go shop for some sort of salady side dish.. A quest that went somewhat well.. In that I got several kinds of salads, greens and veggies, I also got the liter of milk she’d requested.. And several other things as well.

Long story short, I came barging in the door an hour or so after leaving, packing a bag full of salads, various greens, a liter of milk, a liter of hot sauce (which I wasted no time in pointing out to Tina had a picture of a rooster on it), an open can of Carlsberg beer for myself and an unopened chilled can of Tuborg for the Tina.. And a couple of jägermeister miniatures in my pockets..

The entire visual impression along with my out of the blue enthusiasm and pride in myself may have just been too much on the little one because as I watched her, shock turned into uncontrollable fits of laughs and giggles, turned into head shaking, more giggling, questions regarding the state of my mental health.. Until she eventually just left the room to regroup and consider things for a while.. I spent the next five odd minutes or so trying to explain the completely rational pattern behind my actions of being on my way back from town and stopping to make a few harmless impulsive purchases, but I’m not quite sure it all went through to her as she’s still, an hour or so later, either shaking her head at, or tipping her beer can to, me. As well she should, the latter at least, because I feel I did a really good deed – and did my best to raise her spirits and creativity as well..

That or, well, as one store attendant along my way remarked: “This is probably what you get for sending a guy to pick up greens and salad.”


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