Hot time, summer in the basement

Whew, I do believe we seem to be going through a heat wave at the moment (at least by Danish standards). Which means it’s about time for me to turn into a whiney bitch as I’m not very good at coping with heat. At least not the kinda heat we have around here. I’ve no clue how that works, but I honestly found the slightly more prominent Californian heat much easier to handle, or maybe I just got used to it and, on the contrary, is not used to handling the couple of days’ worth of bursts of hot air we get around here? I honestly don’t know, I could presumably just be weird like that 😀

Either way, I shouldn’t complain too much. Things aren’t too bad here in my cool little basement where I’m spending most of my time.. Because while others are goofing off and enjoying their summer holidays, some of us have a thesis to finish and a job to take care off.. Yea, I know, it didn’t take me long to go from complaining about the heat and the sun to complaining about not being able to enjoy the heat and the sun.. But that’s just how I roll, deal with it! 😉

But neh, seriously, it’s all good. I’m trying to make the best of both things which is why today, before it got too hot, I decided to treat myself to a compacted summer experience before I got cracking on my thesis.. So at 11:30 AM, I put on a tee and my iPod, summer playlist and all and hopscotched off to the store to the tune of “Summer In The City” to buy fresh summer veggies and get some sun on my forehead in the process (Yes, I know the song says back of my neck getting burned and pretty but, y’know, long hair and all!). Which I suppose was a life-confirming sight for many because the sight of a long haired guy hopscotching and frolicking along in a Motörhead t-shirt with a bag of fresh tomatoes in his hand sure brought a lot of smiles to a lot of face.. And a lot of nods and laughs.. And I do believe Tina said she’d treat me to a cold brew if I did anything that stupid.. So, at your own time and leisure, sweetie, any time and place will do!

Stupid as it all may seem, it seems to have quenched my thirst for summer craziness at least temporarily as I’ve actually already gotten a hell of a lot done on this hot and sunny day. Imagine that.. Not that I’m complaining.. Time for lunch now, then onwards Christian soldiers! Errmm.. Well, lunch, then thesis anyways.


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