Bah.. Thesis, schmesis!

It has been brought to my attention that working on one’s thesis does not necessarily have to be all bad. It’s all just a matter of creating the right settings for the experience. See, we’re still facing some unusually high temperatures here in Denmark, so work is probably the last thing on peoples’ list of things they’d love to do at this moment.. Which probably goes to explain a rather whiny status update of mine on Facebook which read something along the lines of me being much more in the mood for mojitos in the sun than thesis and work.

Well, as could probably be expected, it took Tina all of ten minutes to pick up on it and make a comment that she thought that mojitos in the sun and thesis writing would compliment each other nicely.. And, well, one thing begat the other and suddenly the comment threat warped into us setting up a “date” for the next day – that next day being Friday – involving thesis writing in the sun, sunbathing and, of course, mojitos! As if it were the most reasonable combination ever.. Honestly, I thought it sounded like the best idea ever and didn’t really think much of it until later when I came to remember that my dad frequently reads my status updates as his own little way of keeping in touch. I then realized that me planning a serious working effort involving cute blondes, sun, rock n roll and alcoholic beverages would probably render him either very upset, very confused.. Or just plain proud! I’ve really no idea, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Whatever people may or may not have thought, Friday arrived soon enough and I (having worked the night before) got up at an (for me) unreasonably early hour to pack up my laptop, myself, a bottle of rum, mint sprigs, limes, cane sugar and other necessities to head down to Tina’s for a serious bit of work. I arrived there at around 11-ish and as part of my new lifestyle of not doing more bodily harm to myself than necessary started out by applying a generous amount of sun screen, I then suggested we headed out into the sun.. Which Tina plain refused.. Not until I’d had my morning coffee! I, being pretty uncomfortably hot already, tried to refuse but she’d have none of it an was already in the process of making me up a cup.. She’s right, of course, I get tired, semi-grumpy and more importantly develop strange headaches if I don’t get my morning coffee. Tina knows this and as such she insists and makes me coffee.. Talk about knowing each other too well?

Either way, after a not so enjoyable cup of coffee which however served its purpose, we grabbed our stuff, a few blankets and headed downstairs and outside onto the community lawn to set up camp, boot up our laptops and get cracking.. I set the mood with a summer playlist I had lying around on my iTunes and we had a pretty entertaining time of chilling and doing some work, only interrupted by our constant shifting around caused by the baking sun and our constant chase for at least a bit of shade. We were soon joined on the lawn by some bloke who was apparently out to chill and looked at times more than a little confused by the rowdy youngsters who had now taken to listening to Slipknot and Rammstein while chilling happily and working away. A strange combo, admittedly, but hey, that’s how we roll!

His wonder probably only grew by around 12:30 PM when I loudly proclaimed “Fuck it, I need a drink” and went up into Tina’s apartment to pick up some glasses, some ice, and a makeshift cocktail shaker that I fabricated from a half gallon plastic pitcher (having actually forgotten my own shaker at home). With these things in hand, I returned to our base camp (which may or may not have shifted location in the time I was gone), started muddling lime with the bottom of a soda bottle, added the sugar, mint, and ice, shook best as I could without destroying myself or the drink.. Then added soda and served us up a couple of beautiful mojitos.. Which turned out to be just what we needed on this Friday afternoon at 12:40 PM! I mean, honestly, when do you NOT need a mojito?

With these drinks in hand, we managed to keep our spirits high and the creative workflow going  for another few hours before hunger set in instead of thirst. As it turned out, Tina had the perfect solution for this problem – and even more spoiling in store for us – as she went and reheated some of last night’s dinner which had consisted of salmon, pasta, ricotta cheese, rucola and other good stuff all mixed up and served in the sun.. Yum! You’d think this would be a pretty damn good working day already, and you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming so, but it actually got better as we managed to squeeze in a bit of sunbathing before both of us eventually had to head off to take care of our day jobs (or night jobs so to speak).. Well, fast forward a few hours and this is when the story warps into a tale of how spoiled of a bastard I really am..

See, at around 11:20 PM, I’m stuck at GLS, doing god-awful, boring sorting of various papers just for the sake of having something to do on a really, really slow night when a text ticks in from Tina saying “You’re not off for a while, are you?” I reply that “No, I’m not really supposed to be, but I was thinking of seeing if I could get out early since there’s nothing to do.” – “Well,” the kind girl informs me, “I’m heading home from the theater, how about you find out?” .. It was all really simple from there, I asked her for two seconds, finished up what I was doing, dashed upstairs to where Torben was sitting and asked if there was any chance he could manage the rest of the night alone as sweet Tina had just offered me a lift home. His reply was something along the lines of “Fucking go.. Go for it!” which I told Tina, and exactly seven minutes later, I jumped into the passenger seat of Tina’s little car and together we set off towards downtown.

“Here’s a crazy thought,” Tina said, as we were sitting there in the car homeward bound, and by then I already knew what was coming: “How’s about we drive by a gas station or whatever and get us a goodnight beer?” – “Awesome,” I merely replied, “I think you owe me one anyways!” “Yup,” the blonde merely quoth and pulled the car off the road and into a gas station, disappeared for about five minutes and returned with proof of just how good a girl she really is.. She’d gotten of course not only a single beer, but a six-pack, that was somehow to be expected with the two of us. But not only that, she’d gotten Carlsberg because she knows I prefer that over the Tuborg she usually drinks. I’d have gone with Tuborg because I know she usually plain refuses to get Carlsberg if faced with options, but apparently she wanted to please me. and make me happy, so who the hell am I to complain?

With beer in hand, we continued on, chatting happily of things to come. “Oh, I need something to eat, too,” Tina remarked, “but what.. I’ve got pasta.. Tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, rucola, etc, etc, etc.. Can’t you just get free access and use your imagination?” – “Well, I was gonna say,” I replied.. “Give me five minutes with your fridge and I’ll see what I can do. It’s the least I can do in return for bailing me out and giving me beer.. Well, that and share the jägermeister I’ve stocked in there with you!” – a statement that merely made Tina go “Ohh!” and beam with more happiness than I’ve seen out of her for ages.. The adorably retarded girl sure loves her food and her jäger!

We arrived at Tina’s not five minutes later where Tina quickly popped open a beer for each of us, popped the rest in the fridge and set about doing the dishes while she let me search the fridge and pantry for suitable ingredients for some midnight pasta (which is bordering on becoming a tradition for the two of us). I settled for some whole grain pasta and a sauce of sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, garlic, fresh chilies, thyme, balsamic vinegar and sugar.. And a bit of vodka and cream thrown in for good measure.. And fresh basil.. And, of course, loads of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.. Which must have turned out quite successful because while it’s not uncommon for me to hear Tina go “Yum!” and smile, it is in fact rather unusual for her to do it after EVERY bite! So I guess I did well, there was even some talk of understanding of Klaus once having licked the pot after eating one of my dishes.. Anyways.. Glad you liked it, babe 🙂

Having gotten our full of pasta with creamy tomato goodness, we sat around for a few hours just talking, drinking beer and being merry.. And had our jäger shots of course! After some bickering and arguing about who would get the miniature bottles from the fridge.. We eventually decided to settle over a game of rock, paper and scissors which eventually made me go fuck it, forfeit and get the damn bottles after Tina started playing random, unknown wild cards such as “fire”.. But who cares. There were no real losers in a game of “whoever loses, gets jäger shots for the table!”.. Eventually, at around 2:30 AM (which is ironically shortly after when I’d originally have been home, had Tina not come to my rescue), I decided I was getting old and tired and needed to get home.. Which I then did, arriving home a little later than I usually would after a Friday work night, but a lot more full and a little more happy faced than usual  after three beers and a shot..

So, who says working Fridays have to be that bad.. Honestly.. I could come to enjoy them if they were all as awesome as this!


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