The Ghost of Michael Jackson and the Youtube generation

Wait, what? Yeah, so.. I saw this silly piece of footage on Youtube earlier today:

It’s supposedly a clip from Larry King Live on CNN showing an anormality spotted on camera at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Umm, okay.. Yeah.. So, anyways, clips like these aren’t new on Youtube, but unlike most others, apparently this one got a fuck of a lot of attention.. And a lot of comments to boot!

Now, the obvious downside to social media and user-generated content is that everybody and their mother can offer their two cents on the issues. And apparently with this surfacing now everybody and their mother and/or dog is an expert on the paranormal.. Which wouldn’t actually be that bad, if it weren’t for the fact that there are a hell of a lot of idiots out there!

I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot of reasons for an unidentified shadow caught on tape, not many of which are very paranormal. Heck, if that there is the ghost of the King of Pop, then the King of Pop makes several daily manifestations in my living room! Though, these usually coincide with people walking past my windows or the sun reflecting off something and casting a shadow.

Still, I spent some time looking at comments and was kinda confused by what I saw. Most people spent no time in sweeping away rational arguments with comments such as “Oh, that there is no reflection/shadow/trick of light!” with no reasoning whatsoever.. While proudly stating their reputation on it “definitively being paranormal” with such good reasoning as “because it looks like Michael Jackson” or “it just can’t possibly be a shadow” .. Really, let’s jump to conclusions, shall we? It’s a three second event on a piece of live footage that has not been examined by experts, and with no way of knowing who or what may have been in the vicinity when this was shot, info on lighting or anything.. Surely it can’t be a shadow or reflection of a person or something passing by outside.. That’s silly talk!

Now, now, I’ve had my share of “paranormal” experiences, but I call them that because they defied every logic explanation I’ve thrown at them and have usually been experienced or confirmed by others, not because “They’re paranormal.. Coz yeah!” – When did we become so inclined to believe that we’ll not even try to listen to reasoning before making up our minds?

But wait, that’s not all.. No, there’s more! See, the paranormal explanation isn’t the only one.. No-no, the conspiracy theorists are at it, too.. And what they want us to believe is that the footage has been doctored! “Since there is no natural explanation,” they conclude, “the film must have been tampered with!” Again, I fail to see how they rule out a natural explanation, but let’s leave it at that, turn the board on them and go “Why?” – So far the most entertaining answer I’ve heard to this question has been that of: “CNN did it to boost ratings!” .. Again.. Wait? What? First off, I hardly think Larry King Live needs better ratings, certainly not on a day where the topic at hand is the death of Michael Jackson.. Secondly: Wait? What? CNN, the biggest news network in the world, choses to boost their ratings and increase their number of views by airing bogus footage of a ghostly encounter at Neverland? With no further mention of the incident what-so-ever? Guys, sorry, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing CNN airing a “Ghosts are real, and you saw it first on Larry King Live!” story any time soon.. It’s all about a few small things called “keeping it serious” and “credibility in the media world.”

Incidentally this revolutionary theory were set forth by a couple of Danes in a comment threat where they, not five minutes earlier had entertained themselves with comments about Americans being stupid and gullible.. Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

Either way, since we’re apparently at a place now where we don’t need to provide reasoning or backing for our arguments and opinions, I’ll pass my judgement on the footage now: “There is most certainly a natural explanation for this footage because, yeah!”


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