Work? What Work?

Well, I’m stuck at work tonight (like all other nights this week) but for some reason, nothing’s happening.. Like, absolutely none of our cross border transports have arrived yet, apparently.. So there’s nothing for me to do, except wind away some time writing this update for later posting once I get home, I guess.. Eh, life could be worse.

So anyways, in case I haven’t mentioned, I’m in the middle of another busy week from hell. Everybody at GLS is apparently on holiday, so I’m covering like three peoples’ shifts while being strangely alone at the office. I Guess now the only thing to do is to nurture my borderline schitzophrenic side and pretend I’m not alone since I’m working for three people either way.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have a thesis to finish, so most of my waking hours spent not working for GLS are instead spent working on my thesis.. So, this week is a following the pretty steady formula of ”work, eat, sleep, repeat” .. With a few good times thrown in just to keep me from going completely insane in the process.

One of these good times occurred today when I decided to take a few hours off from my thesis to hook up with Zascha who was in town on shopping business and other fun. Originally we’d decided just to meet up if time permitted and as I found out yesterday that time would indeed permit, we decided to expand our plans a little and have dinner together before Zascha headed on her way to also visit Tina.. One thing kinda led to another and, well, I thought that if Zascha and Tina were to meet up later anyways, it’d be kinda rude and/or weird to have Tina sitting around on her own while Zascha and I enjoyed a (hopefully) well-cooked dinner together.. So, I invited her along, an offer she gladly (and thankfully) accepted.

So, long story short, I ended with two wonderful blondes showing up for dinner on very short notice.. And a home that looked vaguely like Jerusalem after the second crusade.. Which wasn’t in any way an optimal result.. But it’d have to do since I had both a thesis and shopping to worry about.. So I barely managed to get the worst out of the way before they survived which I apologize for, but I’m pretty sure they’ll live.

Zascha arrived first and we spent some time catching up, chatting, scolding her for her insane purchases at a thrift store, checking out her new tattoo and just plain having fun.. Oh.. Oh.. And since she’s a real sweetheart, she brought me some real Cuban cigars (late great Che Guevara’s favorite brands to boot) from her trip to Cuba.. To go along with my Cuban Rum, I suppose. She didn’t say, but I’d like to think so.

Tina arrived not long after and lo and behold, the gang was all there.. We spent tine as we usually do with me hurting myself in the kitchen, the girls chatting about this and that, me breaking in inappropriately at times and making an ass of myself.. Which I did well, thank you very much! Tina was apparently in a bit of a blue funk, so in my best idiotic effort to cheer her off, I offered her a flower that had fallen off one of my chilies. Not really in the mood for my antics, she kindly refused which I of course took ill upon and insisted she take the flower, she refused again and it kinda went back and forth like that for a while until I just flicked the flower at her with my index finger. This gesture, probably rude enough in itself, wasn’t made much better by the fact that the flower wound up half way down her cleavage.. Which would again have been that bad of a misdemeanor, had it not been infested with pests in the form of little crawling critters.. Ahem, well, I’m not an expert on the subject, but I’m pretty sure girls don’t want bugs on them.. Let alone in or near their cleavage.. And I’m sorry, babe, really.

Figuring, after this accident, that I’d made about a big enough fool out of myself and having nothing much to add to the conversation that misplaced comments and my being cross just for the sake of being cross, I figured I’d give the girls a break and get back to the stove.. Especially after Zascha had scolded me and told me to go do what I was good at and get the fuck back to the stove.. An order I guess I somewhat deserved at that point and was only too happy to obey. Out there I couldn’t do any harm after all, not to others than myself anyways.

Since I had work and had been pretty busy, I wanted to keep dinner pretty nice and simple despite being honored with such good company. It felt weird somehow, but hey there you go, for once I really wasn’t up for the task. So I kept it nice and simple with some fried, marinated chicken and a home-made tomato/cream sauce based on fresh tomatoes and herbs. Which I’d like to think turned out pretty good despite the obvious lack of effort.. Hey, maybe simple food can be good food as well! Either way, it seemed to be enjoyed by all as none were left and everybody seemed pretty happy and full afterwards.. Time to enjoy some of that quiet, sprawled out time of reflection and digesting. For a short while anyways.

It wasn’t long before I was set to head off to feed Dunkel’s fishies, a task I’ve taken upon me while he’s in Greece for the week (and I am happy to note I haven’t killed any of his fishies yet.. Hah!) and then off to work.. Bugger. So I sadly had to evict my company and get my work boots on..

And for what, I wonder? I mean, don’t get me wrong, drinking coffe and listening to music at DKK 165 an hour is all good, but really.. I think I’d have preferred staying with the girls over sitting here and having nothing to do. Especially since I didn’t even want to go in the first place.. But there you go.. At least the money’s good, not looking forward to doing three more days in a row, though.

Ah, but I shouldn’t complain so much, isn’t that what I’ve been trying to tell myself lately? Indeed it was! And I won’t.. I will, however, thank the girls for taking the time to make my day a whole lot more enjoyable. And with all that bitching (and the thank yous, mind you) out of the way, it seems as if my shipments are finally here.. I can do work now? Wow, golly is me!!

Very tired Johan over and out!


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