Death Is Not The End (my gripe with Bob Dylan)

Nick Cave – Death Is Not The End

Quick question: I’ve heard of a lot of great singer-songwriters.. I like quite a few of them.. But is it possible to love a singer-songwriter for his songwriting, but not his singing? If so, I’d like to enlist myself as a fan of Bob Dylan’s..

Thing is, I like a lot of his songs: I dig “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” as performed by Guns N Roses, I love “All Along The Watchtower” as covered by Jimi Hendrix in his prime.. And I absolutely fucking adore Nick Cave’s version of “Death Is Not The End” with Kylie Minogue, Shane McGowan and others.. These are three of my favorite songs.. I just plain don’t like Bob Dylan. What gives? I’ll listen to a song of Dylan’s and go “Meh?”, eventually I’ll find a cover by someone else and go “Hey, this is a great song!”

Am I really the only one who feels that way?

Either way, the song above is a great cover that everybody should listen to.. And how f’ing drunk is Shane in this vid?


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