Whisky On A Sunday?

Well, okay, not whisky but just about everything else but whisky. But.. How’d that come to pass? I’ve absolutely no idea! It started so innocently..

I’ve over the past few weeks developed some real strange sleeping patterns.. Working late into the night will apparently do that to you.. As will working overly hard and not getting the sleep you apparently so desperately need.. So when my phone rang and roused me from my sleep at 2:40 PM on Sunday, I was more than a little confused and as a result picked up the phone with a bit of a “Mgneh?” – Dunkel was on the other end, simply proclaiming: “I’m bored, Asterix!” to which I’d no other real reply than “I’m sleeping Obelix!” which spawned a bit of laughter on the other end and a series of demands to get the fuck up and head on down there so that we might hang out, watch some movies, and so that Dunkel might buy dinner.

If you were ever in doubt, promises of free food is a pretty good way to get me out of bed, so up I went, showered, consumed coffee, ate.. Uhh.. breakfast.. and then headed off to visit Dunkel who had just barely returned from a trip to Rhodes.. Or Crete.. Or something.. I think. Either way, he was looking for company, fun and a welcome change from hotel buffet style food.. And a drinking buddy it would seem. I’m really not quite sure how it all came about, but suddenly and very simultaneously, we apparently got the idea that getting hammered on a Sunday was the only reasonable thing to do. So after some watching of holiday pictures and a little catching up, we went on to the super market where Dunkel proceeded to ask if lasagna was okay with me since he hadn’t had that in like a month.. To which I answered that I hadn’t had it in like two days but that lasagna was always cool with me. So, lasagna it was then.. And drinks.. We debated long and hard about what to get and eventually we just ended up getting whatever was cheap and had the most alcohol in it which turned into a strangely fascinating combination of Wheat beers, hard cider and pre-mixed Sangria.. A combination that earned us a few weird looks at the check-out register.. Apparently we don’t look like your average cider and sangria drinkers.. But eh!

Safely back at Dunkel’s, we got to work blast chilling our selection of beverages while I got working on dinner which was to consist of some impulse purchase mozzarella sticks and a sinful lasagna contraption containing so much cheese it should be against the law.. And every rule of nature! But that’s just how we roll.. Which, coincidentally was about the only thing we were capable of after consuming like two thirds of the damn thing along with a few ciders and beers.

Ahem, I should probably use the word cider lightly. There seems to be a strange fascination with the word Cider in Denmark lately. Only, the general Danes definition of cider has absolutely nothing to do with the general definition. Spawned by the success of the Swedish brand “Rekorderlig”, most ciders sold in Denmark are an odd mix of apple wine, sparkling water, artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. The result is a strange, cloyingly sweet and often downright pink liquid tasting vaguely of whatever fruit it boasts to consist of. You might think “Hey, that sounds bad!” and indeed it is, I guess our motivation behind this thing was to see “if it could possibly be all that bad”.. So we got a nice little selection of various brands and flavors and thought that we’d try them out and at the very least we’d get drunk in the process.

So, how was it? Well, it wasn’t ALL that bad.. It was pretty bad, but not that bad. We did find a few specimens actually containing real fermented fruit juice and we did find some flavors that weren’t cloyingly sweet, namely lingonberry and pear.. We even found a few that weren’t pink in color.. And we most certainly found drunkenness in the process.. Actually it wasn’t long after dinnertime that we were so nicely liquored up that we were well in the process of turning Friday the 13th into a merciless drinking game that involved drinking on acts of sex, violence or murder.. And bare boobs.. This, in return spawned an unnecessarily long argument about whether fake, ugly boobs still counted as a drink. Half way into the movie neither of us gave a shit anyways as we were having a hard time as it was just keeping up with the action and the plot which was (as could be expected) pretty thin to begin with.

I came away with a feeling that as far as slashers went, the movie wasn’t too bad. It was by no means good, scary or even very coherent, but it had its moments, its violence and its fair share of a bigass guy in a hockey mask thrashing about the woods, killing innocent scantly clad teenagers.. And it certainly holds the record for most alcohol consumed by two people during a single slasher movie. Which I don’t so much blame on us as I blame it on sangria apparently being ridiculously drinkable.. Either way it was all good.. And there was more alcohol to be had and videos on youtube to be watched. I’ll admit that by now details were becoming kinda sketchy, but I do believe there was a lot of fun being had watching various music and live videos on Youtube while spiking the sweeter of the “ciders” with enough vodka to take of the cloying edge and actually make them drinkable.

Good times that lasted until about 1 AM (I think?) when tiredness eventually kicked in and I decided I’d bette trot on home and try to get some sleep which I (surprise, surprise) couldn’t, so I ended up staying up till well into the morning before finally giving up and crawling to bed at like 5:30 AM.. Good times, though!


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