She’s Got a Smile And It Seems To Me..

So.. What is the weirdest reasoning you’ve ever heard from someone needing you to do something for them? Well, whatever it is, I’m sure I’ve got you beaten. See, I thought I was gonna have two weeks off from working at GLS now.. But not so. Dunkel approached me yesterday to cover his shift for him, and his exact reasoning was: ”Will you cover my shift for me so I may drive down to my grandparents (and hour south of here) and pick up my shoes so I don’t have to go to my ”brother-in-law’s” son’s baptism in Copenhagen wearing sandals?” .. Ummm.. Well.. Okay.. Since I was doing pretty good time on everything, I didn’t really see a problem with it yesterday.

That was of course, until I went to bed yesterday and not only was not able to fall asleep, but when I finally did, I apparently managed to pull a muscle in my lower iback and as a result have been living a life as stand-in for the hunchback of Notre Dame today..

Oh, it’s been good fun.. Going on very little sleep, having six hours of revisions and proof reading to do, hurting like a motherfucker and being dizzy as well as sporting a headache from lack of sleep.. It’s been.. Interesting..

And then Zascha showed up and somehow made it all better.. Wait? What? Yea, I was a little confused to.. But either way, I was sitting there, minding my own business, cussing at the computer and feeling downright sorry for myself when all of a sudden, I hear the unmistakable sound of my front door springing open and someone wading through the mess that is my hallway at the moment. My first thoughts are those of ”My lord, the Rapture is here!” followed by ”Naah, Brian’s probably just drunk again.. Or one if his buddies have mistook my apartment from the basement entrance..”

Well, neither it turns out.. ’twas simply a pretty, bright-eyed blonde who happened to be in the neighborhood and wanted to use my bathroom.. Which I, at the time, thought to be the best idea ever because she  knew I wasn’t feeling too well and just happened to shoot me a pretty smile (pirate eye, you’ll mary a music man.. Or is that the other way around.. Nevermind!), a big ol’ hug and a pat on the back in the process . And even though she was in a hurry, she stayed to chat for a few minutes and show off her new phone with the adorably blonde comment of ”Look at my new phone, isn’t it pretty? I know you think it’s ugly, but isn’t it pretty?” – which somehow served to light up my day a little.

I don’t know why my two favorite blondes, Tina and Zascha, have that effect on me, they just do.. But I’m pretty happy things work that way now. Coz, let’s face it, if that’s all it takes to cheer me up, I get to be pretty happy pretty often.

Which I, at the moment am anyways even if Zascha left hours ago and I’ve been pressing on, cooking dinner, walking to work and everything.. But I think that may have something to do with the Ibuprofen I took for my back pains going to my head. I’m not sure there’s any other reasonable explanation for me being reasonably happy and giddy about being locked up alone in an abandoned, hot office.. Well, it’s either the Ibuprofen or I’ve just finally lost it from working too much on my thesis.. I don’t know. All’s I’s knows is I’m not hurting too much anymore and I’m not depressed either.. Even if I’ve been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave tonight..

Yay perscription drugs!


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