Yes, I said retard, so sue me!

Working nights has a way of turning your life upside down, and quite frankly I’m happy I won’t be doing it much longer. It’s not so much the working part that bothers me, not even the late factor. It’s just the impact it seems to have on my days, my sleeping patterns and my life.. It’s something that just sorta came to me this “morning” while I was brewing my morning coffee and scrambling a few eggs at the bright and early hour of 1 PM.. I’ve never really been a morning person, but I realized it’d been a while since I’d even been out of bed before 10 AM which is rather depressing considering that by the time I then get up and get ready for the day, most of my friends and whatever have been at it for several hours.. Then I’ve got to finish my six hours of work on the thesis and possibly put in a hour on whatever other chores I have to do.. And by the time I’m done with that, a lot of normal people would be about ready to call it a night.. Woo! Did I mention I’m pretty happy I’m only doing this part time night work till September?

Either way, it’s been a fun day.. In so much as reviewing and testing code can be considered fun.. It’s a pretty relaxing chore for me anyways, it’s just a slow and lengthy process.. That at the same time makes you feel both really smart and real stupid-like. Because, if you’re like me, you can’t help but at times be impressed with the ingenuity of some of your own solutions.. While at pretty much the same time being downright appalled by the stupidity of some of your errors.. Long story short, it took about six hours, but my code and the results thereof are starting to look somewhat decent and presentable.. Yay me! A few more hours tomorrow should do the trick and then we’re ready to write some more documentation and set up some meetings with my mentor to show off and hopefully not get slammed too badly.

Speaking of getting slammed, that’s about the only other thing that has really happened today. As some of you may have noticed, I woke up to this rather amusing comment accusing me of using my endearing comment about Tina being “adorably retarded” as a way to “make myself look cool by demeaning people with special needs” Okay.. Yeah.. Right, that’s exactly what I was trying to do.. Look, I know me.. And I’m not cool.. Why would I try to make myself look cool? If anything, I’m demeaning myself by being perfectly honest about a lot of the really dumb shit I do in my life. If you’ve come here for political correctness, then I’m sorry, but you’re in the wrong place. I’m not very politically correct and I never will be.. I am, however also neither cool nor mean, so if you see demeaning on here, you can be pretty sure that it’s either targeted towards myself or jokingly against the people I love and care about (or, quite possibly, Chad Kroeger and Fred Durst, but they’re fucktards, they deserve it).

Calling Tina a retard is no more meant as an attack on people with special needs than it is meant to imply that she really is mentally retarded. If you really want to employ faulty logic here, you might as well say that it’s an endearment of retarded people, given how much I care about Tina.. Or, we could just stick to the facts and not read meanings that aren’t there into random innocent statements.. It’s funny how political correctness seems to have suddenly become more important to some people than personal hygiene. I mean, come on, have just at least a hint of a sense of humor and stop taking everything so gosh-darn serious.

I find it strangely ironic that I happen to know several people who work with people with special needs, or have relatives with ditto, who have a much more relaxed view of things and a better sense of humor about the situation in general than the poster of the most recent comment..

That being said, I’m sorry if anybody feels the need to be offended by my writings, but this is my life, my thoughts and my blog.. And this is who I am: I’m loud, I drink, cuss, swear.I say and do a lot of stupid shit, and I have a borderline rough sense of humor which some people love and other’s hate. That’s just who I am, and this is my place to vent and express whatever I want and I stand by my right to do just that..

Now, can we please move on?


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