I don’t really mind bossy women

As long as their orders read something along the lines of “get your ass over here so I may cook you dinner, serve you wine and give you presents!” No, really, those were almost Tina’s exact words.. And who am I to argue with Tina? Ahem, okay, silly me.. I do realize Tina and I argue a lot, so let me rephrase that.. Who am I to argue with the dear girl in this particular situation? Hmm.. No, I thought so..

Maybe I should just start from the beginning.. See, thing is, we haven’t seen each other for a while and as such have been trying to set something up, but things such as life, work and theses kept getting in the way.. I suggested this afternoon, but Tina had plans, she suggested tomorrow but apparently other things were up then as well.. It really was kinda frustrating to me.. But then suddenly out of the blue tonight she messages me at around like 7 PM going “Have you eaten?” .. Which I, at the time, strangely enough had not.. Again, I usually don’t go three hours without eating, but that’s another story.. Anyways, I tell her no and she simply goes “Well, get your ass over here!” I pretty much know not to argue at this point, but just in case I would, she quickly adds: “I’ve got food simmering for us, I’m about to open a bottle of Italian wine.. And I also have a present for you from Italy!”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the interwebs: that is my Tina, and that is how damn spoiled I am.. And how am I to refuse an offer like that? I mean, we all know from years of experience that I have a hard time saying no to this pretty, little, blue-eyed blonde in the first place.. And you throw in home cooked dinner, wine, good times.. And presents? (Did I mention she spoils me?).. Well, short story even shorter, I was out the door and on my way in like five minutes. I spent the brisk walk down there listening to a bit of Neil Young and answering Tina’s question of “Merlot or mystery wine?” in favor of the latter.. And I think I managed to answer a few cooking related questions as well, before I rang the buzzer, was greeted by Tina at the front door with a smile and a big hug, then dragged up to her apartment where I got a sniff of the food, was immediately pulled into the living room, handed a glass of wine, was forced to drink, then given my present in the shape of a bottle of nice Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOC of the Garda region for which I barely managed to thank her before I was scolded with a playful “Now show some respect and take your fucking shoes off!” .. Right, I’m sorry, babe, next time I’ll remember to take my shoes off while you pull me around and dazzle me with sweet smiles, wine, lovely food, presents, hugs as well as chattering and kind reminders for me to remember all sorts of things.. My mistake!

Naturally, this launched me into a counter offensive as I told her (while taking off my shoes) that if she thought that only because she hadn’t seen me for a while,  she could start bossing me around and telling me what to do and start pity little arguments, she was sadly mistaking.. Which of course led to more bickering.. And to Tina acting in a very breaking all the rules (that she made up) way by starting to put on shoes of her own.. Granted ones that she got in Italy and wanted to show off, but I still call rule-breaking on that one! .. And I’m starting to think she’s getting a little too smart for me..

See, I will usually scold Tina for spending too much money on clothes or shoes.. Or sometimes just for spending money in general.. It’s all part of our not dating but still acting every bit as an old, married couple game.. But with her inviting me over for dinner first, sharing a good bottle of wine with me and giving me presents as well. You’d expect she’s trying to soften me up for the blow.. Plus I think she knows fully well that dresses and stilettos are two purchases I have a really hard time arguing against.. Because well, she shows me these really gorgeous, hot, red stilettos that she got.. And I don’t know what to say.. Goddamnit! I’m calling obvious and well-planned manipulation right there!

But I forgive her this once.. Coz, well, the shoes were really pretty (both pairs), there was good food, did I mention she was cooking me dinner.. And she got me a really well-thought out, personal and caring present (long story, but there’s been some fascination with good olive oil on our behalf).

But yea, speaking of dinner.. It was awesome! Mostly when we get together, I’m in charge of most of the cooking, so for me to just show up and get fed is a real treat, not because I don’t enjoy cooking for her, but mostly because there’s just an extra element of being pampered involved. Plus Tina is a great cook who gives herself way too little credit. I will take some for teaching her a few odd tips and ways, but she definitely deserves credit for what she does. The pasta and meat sauce thing with red wine reduction she did was great, and her balancing of chili and garlic in the dish was enviable to say the least. The cook herself (naturally) thought that the dish was lacking in the red wine flavor, but she’ll usually say that unless there’s like an entire bottle of wine in the dish.. And I do happen to prefer to drink some of the wine WITH the dish rather than in it. And besides, when paired with the wine she used in it, I thought the balance was really good. In the end my main gripe with dinner was the fact that I wasn’t hungry enough to squeeze down two full servings.. Boo!

After dinner, my brightly smiling companion looked at me, batting her lashes slightly and asking “Do you know what the best part about this is?” – “Umm.. No?” I ventured, to which she brightly informed me that “since I cooked dinner, that means you get to help with the dishes without any complaining on my behalf!” which spawned a few laughs from me as I more than happily got started on helping her with the dishes.

We then lounged back for a while, sipping some more wine and watching a few episodes of a show I’d somehow completely managed to miss called “Big Bang Theory” which actually turned out to be a great source of entertainment for someone as geeky as us and I foresee many more get-togethers centered around this show.. And hopefully dinner with wine as well. I really did enjoy the concept of a sitcom actually being funny for a change as well as the geekier aspects and references being employed.  It seemed a more intelligent form of humor to me with a nice bit of absurdity thrown in for good measure. And me, being the geek that I am, of course got a few kicks and giggles out of the more obscure references such as a “42” cap, a caffeine molecule t-shirt, a periodic table shower curtain.. And the sheer number of obscure facts, theories and stories referenced.. Ahh, good times.. And probably a new obsession of mine.

Ah, but it had been a long day.. For one of us at least.. (Let’s just say that Tina is a wee bit better than I am at getting up in the morning) so we wisely decided to call it a day at around 11:30 after many laughs and giggles as well as some arguing and as such, I then trotted homewards, feeling happy and stuffed and spoiled.. Good times, good times!


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