“You can’t be a professional alcoholic without a bottle of wine”

That, ladies and gentlemen, was last week’s quote of the week.. And it wasn’t even said by me, but rather by tiny sidekick and favorite professional drunk, Tina.. On a Sunday evening, none the less, but more on that later.. Coz it’s been a long weekend..

After weeks and weeks of complaining that I never got to socialize anymore, I’ve actually had a very busy and extremely sociable weekend, starting out on Friday afternoon where Tina texted me up and went “Since we’re heading out to the same place tonight, how about you come down and we call it a working day?” Not usually being one to turn down a good offer, I quickly accepted and headed off to do a few important things on the way (namely purchasing cheap beer for the night ahead and expensive wine for my birthday). I then headed down to Tina’s where she greeted me and immediately scolded me for not buying cheap beer for her as well when I had the opportunity. I figured she had a point and since we were lacking a few ingredients for the dinner we made up on the fly, I excused myself and headed out again to catch some sunlight, a few beers for Tina and a few ingredients for dinner.. A trip that went reasonably well, all things considered.. I mean, I had a nice walk, I got the beers, I got some extra veggies for the Thai Curry we had agreed on for dinner.. And then things kinda got a little out of hand as I once again started worrying too much about food aesthetics and flavor profiles. Long story short, I took a rare, quick, personal decision and abandoned the thought of using the red curry paste Tina had in her fridge and instead decided to go with green curry paste to match the predominantly green veggies at hand. I also completely threw myself off track deciding that we needed a few quality beers for our dinner and stalling completely when I noticed the store had some 250 different kinds to chose between.

It should probably come as no surprise that once I returned not only with the beers and noodles I’d set out to get – but also some different beers entirely, a few spur of the moment purchases and a entirely different plan for dinner, Tina was more than a little confused. I spent some time trying to explain the complete wrongness in mixing green veggies with red curry paste and the resulting clashes in both aesthetics and flavor.. Which served only to make Tina pat me on the arm, shake her head a little, smile kindly and utter the by now familiar words “Honey, I know you think you’re explaining yourself, but you’re really not!” She did, however, love the flower I’d picked for her on the way mainly because I thought it was pretty and it’d match her being pretty, partly because I knew she hadn’t gotten flowers in a while and lastly because I got a laugh out of people’s reactions to watching a long haired guy in a Motörhead t-shirt picking flowers by the side of the road.

Having spent some time once again debating my state of mental well-being, we actually sat down and got some work done. With beers in hand, of course, as Tina pretty quickly started bugging me and begging for beer. I stood my ground for a good while despite her reasoning of “But, it’s five o’clock somewhere..” Which was, of course, correct, but we also had work to do.. So I told her she’d just have to be patient and wait till 4 PM when it was five o’clock in Cairo. Which she, to her credit, actually did without complaining I did not expect that!

After a 4 PM beer, some more work and a nice little walk to clear our heads, both of us started complaining about being hungry, so I got started on cooking dinner which was consumed to the very last mouthful, like literally. There was even some fighting going on over the last few mouthfuls, so I guess I finally got my point across on the matching of colors and flavors anyways.

After dinner, another beer and some prettying up of Tina, we grabbed or remaining beer and headed on down to Tommy who was hosting a get-together for a few friends.  He had some friends from Sealand over and had invited Jesper as well.. And Tina and I, of course, as well as a few others. It turned out to be a pretty cozy and confusing ordeal where I spent a lot of time talking to Jesper about fine food and cooking, some time trying to explain the nature of the relationship between Tina and I to one of the Sealander guys, serving only to confuse him further and ended up getting pretty confused myself when one of Tommy’s other friends, Mark, showed up and both of us were like “Haven’t we seen each other before?” After a lot of time spent just staring at each other, it turned out that yea, we had, his mom worked for my parents like twenty years ago and we used to hang out.. Like ages and ages ago.. A very weird, drunken case of “It’s a small, small world” .. From then on, things generally got weirder and weirder until the night came to an end for me at around 2:30 as the others went clubbing and I decided against joining them at the particular place they were going.

I started out Saturday sooner than I’d usually do after a night out drinking, but then again it had been an early night for me without too many beers and I also had to pick up my laptop that I’d left over at Tina’s the night before because I didn’t want to take a Macbook Pro partying with me. Even with the relatively low amount of beer, getting out of bed and down to Tina’s was a bit of a struggle. I guess I really am getting older. But either way, things quickly got better when I arrived down there and Tina asked me if I knew how to cook an omelet and if I’d care to help her. Turns out she was on the last stages of making breakfast and had prepared enough for two. What a sweetheart.. And no, I don’t know a whole lot about cooking omelets, but I helped anyways coz I do loves me some free food and I think it all turned out pretty well.

After a nice breakfast, I grabbed my stuff and headed on home to rest a bit which I managed for all of an hour or two before Dunkel started bugging me to hang out. An offer I accepted once he started talking about free dinner and possibly having a few beers.. More free food? And beer? Yes please! As luck would have it,  I actually had a quality brew in the fridge so I grabbed that on my way and headed down to Dunkel’s from where we went on to the store to pick up some food. Initially, we failed pretty miserably at finding dinner but eventually settled on some spaghetti and meat sauce variation with garlic bread on the side. We then went on to look at some beer which is, of course, where things once again went wrong. It all started when Dunkel found some weird ass Blueberry Hill Ale, brewed with (you guessed it) blueberry and made as a tribute to the classic song “Blueberry Hill”. Since we both love the song, we agreed that Dunkel should buy both of us one of them blueberry things, in return, I bought us both an Erdinger Weissbeer, in return of which Dunkel bought us a Chimay Bleu.. It escalated along those general lines for a while until we’d picked up a wide assortment of everything that seemed interesting and decided we’d probably better call it quits or run the risk of going blind later that night.. So we went to the checkout and then back to Dunkel’s where we cooked up some food, popped open a few cold ones, threw some Bill Maher (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Maher) on the tv, including his new movie Religulous and laughed at that a bit while sampling random beers and ciders.. It was all pretty good times even if the Blueberry Hill ales were sadly disappointing.. Apparently, you shouldn’t mix beer and blueberry, who’d have thunk?

It all lasted till about 3 AM when I staggered home nicely liquored up to do some geeking about before finally being able to fall asleep at around 6:30 AM. As a result, I slept in really, really late the day after.. Y’know, just for a change.. And when I did wake up, I had a killer hangover to boot.. Yay me! So I spent most of the day being completely out on the couch. It wasn’t before 5 PM or so that I actually got my shit together, got up and set out on my planned quest of the day: Preparing a batch of lasagna made from fresh pasta, home-made béchamel sauce and a few servings of the “perfect Bolognese” I made last week. It was quite a grueling task to complete, especially with a hangover to boot, but the result was well worth it.

Something I quickly remembered to text Tina about as I’d earlier promised her a few servings of leftovers. She seemed positively thrilled about this and quite jealous of my having lasagna and her not having any. I on the other hand, was a little jealous that she was thinking about popping open some wine (as if I hadn’t already had enough to drink that weekend, oh well). Well, long story short, some ten minutes after deciding that tonight was probably not a good night to hang out, I was on my way down to Tina’s with a serving of lasagna in my hands while she was busy popping open a bottle of wine for us to share. Apparently good food and good wine trumps bad moods. Oh well, I’m actually pretty glad we got each other talked into hanging out. The lasagna earned three consecutive “yums” after Tina’s first bite, which is the highest score ever on “the Tina yum-scale of deliciousness”, and the merlot was absolutely delicious as well! The words at the beginning of this post were actually spoken some time during this evening by Tina as she went to pour our second glass of wine and made in reference to her joking about dropping out and becoming a professional alcoholic rather than finishing her education.. Well, I don’t know about that, but I certainly don’t mind sharing a bottle of wine with her on a weekly basis.. Errm, or a little more often than that.. Even if that only makes us semi-pro alcoholics.

We, of course, ended up sharing the entire bottle while lounging back and enjoying a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and a few Metallica documentaries.. I eventually ended up back home at 0:30 AM which was probably stupid considering I had to get up at 8 AM for a meeting the next day.. But that’s how we roll, and times were good, so there.


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