Strange, I don’t feel a year older..

28 years ago today, to the date, well, pretty much to the minute.. At 3 AM, I saw the first light of day.. Or dead of night, technically.. Strangely enough, I did so in what was to become one of the computer labs at Uni that I’ve spent way too much time in over the last five years.. No, don’t worry, this isn’t gonna be one of those “I was born under weird circumstances in a strange place” kinda stories, it’s just that, well, back in the early 80’s, Kolding was a much smaller town than it is now, and as such the relatively small building that was to become University of Southern Denmark, Campus Kolding was more than large enough to house the town hospital. Well, a lot of years have passed since and a lot of stuff has happened and I’m sitting here, exactly 28 years later, sipping a small glass of El Dorado 21 year old (Hey, so what if it’s Wednesday morning? It’s my birthday! So sue me!) wondering how all of those years passed so fast and at the same time feeling perplexed that so much has happened in so few years.. It’s a mind-boggling experience and I guess I’ve finally reached the age where I start getting sentimental about things..

Which is not to say that I feel old, because honestly I don’t. I know in earlier years I’ve moaned and groaned about getting older, I know I’ve frequently made comments about approaching the big 3-0, I know I sometimes refer to myself as an old dog.. And Tina deservingly scolds me for it, even if I say it just for shits and giggles. And she’s right in doing so coz, y’know, quite honestly.. 28 isn’t all that bad of a feeling. I don’t feel older, or old for that matter, I can still do what I want, I’m maybe not as far ahead in life as some other people my age, but then again.. What’s the rush? I’ve had a good 28 years so far and lived them to the fullest.. Je ne regrette rien! Well, a thing or two, maybe, but mistakes are what make us smarter, right?

It’s 3:01 AM, I’m officially 28 years and one minute old now, and I’m digging the feeling.


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