Celebrate good times, c’mon!

As you may have heard from my ranting and ravings, yesterday was my 28th birthday and I think I may just have had the longest birthday ever what with me being awake for 22 out of those 24 hours that made up my birthday.. But how’d that come to be? Well, it’s a long story, but eh.. Here we go..

I kicked things off by celebrating my birthday at work since I was lucky enough to be working on the night of the 28th and as such spent the first hour of my 28th year sitting at my desk at GLS. Due to this fact, I’d picked up a small cake on my way to work to share with my fat fucking bastard colleagues because as far as fat fucking bastards go, they’re actually a bunch of nice fat fucking bastards.. That and they’re always offering me pieces of cake or whatever whenever they bring anything along, so while I don’t eat cake, I brought some along anyways because I’m just that good of a guy.

Of course, it all turned into a bit of a stealth mission. See, there are a lot of people at work, some of whom I’ve worked closely with, some of whom I kinda know and others I just don’t know and care about. Of course I wanted to share my pretty, little cake with Torben I work with now, but I also wanted to get a few slices down to Tom and Christian, my ex co-workers down in the terminal.. Preferably without everybody else finding out about the fact that I had cake and was sharing. So, I stashed my cake away in a small tea kitchen upstairs and at around 11:30 snuck out to cut off a few pieces, stash them on a plate which I stealthily crept down the stairs with, snuck down a few hallways, into the main terminal building and up to Tom who quickly stashed it away and/or ate it before anybody else noticed anything. I then ran back the way from whence I came, returned to my seat, plopped down and waited things out for about half an hour, waiting for various people who I knew to popping by the office at midnight to do so.. And when they did, I then snuck back out into the kitchen, retrieved the cake, cut off slices for Torben and I and wished myself a happy birthday. Torben did the same and then went and retrieved a grotesquely oversized flag and planted it behind me. I guess from then on the jig was up.. Oh well!

Having thusly celebrated the first hour of my birthday at work, I walked the long, hard way home, treating myself to a couple of hotdogs and a beer from the Shell station along the way which I consumed once I returned home while watching a few episodes of some random cooking show.. Good times! I think my previous post already details what happened then, so I’ll just skip right to my heading to bed at 3:30 AM and trying to catch a good nights sleep.. Which I, of course, failed at completely.. Mainly because of my mom deciding to call me and wish me a happy birthday! Now, let me just say that I have no problem with people calling me and wishing me a happy birthday, I do, however, have somewhat of a problem with people doing so at 5:30 AM on a night where I’ve been working.. I know she means well, though, it’s not her fault our daily rhythms are fundamentally different.

Anyways, once I’d been stirred awake, I absolutely positively just plain couldn’t get back to sleep and when other birthday wishes started pouring in from 7 AM and onwards, I thought fuck it and just spent some time laying about, doing some reading and whatever. I then slowly got up, showered, ground up some top notch coffee beans, heated some fiber rolls and sat down to have breakfast while checking the news.. I then spent the rest of the day just chilling, taking a break from the computer, doing the last bit of shopping for dinner and just kicking back getting things ready and running the dinner drill through my head. At around 2 PM, my mom dropped by to say congratulations and have a cup of tea. For my birthday, she brought me a small batch of Asbach Uralt chocolates which I found really considerate seeing as I love me some brandy, and kinda weird seeing as she knows I don’t eat sweets. She stayed for a little over an hour and we actually had a pretty good talk which is kinda surprising but nice.

At around 4 PM, I seriously got started on dinner preparations, the idea was to get things as far ahead as possible in advance so I’d just have to get the timing part right and throw things together once the guests arrived.. Which would turn out to be complicated enough, but eh.. I’d tried to keep the menu simple with focus on seasonal ingredients: For starters, we’d have an omelette with sauteed onions, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil, served with steamed green asparagus topped with smoked, dried ham, garlic, parmesan cheese and lemon juice.. Oh, and mine and Tina’s home-made garlic bread which we now have everybody hooked on. The main course would be medium-rare beef tenderloin topped with high quality olive oil, cracked pepper and more parmesan cheese, served with a warm potato salad of fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil, more olive oil and grilled marinated artichoke hearts.. To that a green salad of rocket leaves, pears, walnuts and even more parmesan cheese, dressed with even more olive oil and some lemon juice.. Oh, and more garlic bread!

The guests – Tina, Christian, Emelie and Zascha – arrived at around 5 PM right as I was getting ready to sear the beef tenderloin and from then on the timing just sorta worked for a change. I got them seated, had Christian help me pour an aperitif in the shape of a Belgian inspired quality ale, which was both tasty and calming and I then seriously got cracking on dinner.. Sorry, I mean WE then got seriously cracking on dinner. See, I’d tried something new for a change and actually recruited the help of Tina with various tasks and we ended up dragging Christian in as well.. So I got to feel like a head chef for once while watching pots and pans and overseeing the general process while I had Tina doing garlic bread and various prep work while Christian beat eggs, took care of the wines, plates, wiped up after me when I’d occasionally spill a liter of two of boiling water over my feet and what have you.. I gotta say that despite grim expectations on my behalf it actually worked out pretty damn well and Tina was both proud and happy to help – not to mention proud that I actually let them help.. And while I was a little stressed out with having five people in the kitchen, three of them doing the cooking and two providing entertainment, I didn’t snap or yell at anybody.. Not even once! Even if Tina thought I did once, I didn’t, I swear!

Good times, and the timing actually was pretty good on most thing so we got dinner on the table without mentionable delays and decent timing between the dishes.. And it turned out rather good, I’d dare say. I thought it was delicious anyways and that the wines to go with it were superb. Tina even claimed it was the best dinner I’d ever cooked and while I somehow doubt that, it still made me feel all warm and happy inside 🙂 At any rate, it certainly wasn’t a bad meal and it seemed to be joined by all, even Emelie, our vegetarian gone carnivore who was treated to beef tenderloin as one of her first tries at beef in 15 years.. Not a bad start, I dare say!

After dinner, Christian and Tina insisted on doing the dishes at which point I insisted to help in order to speed up the process. This created some amount of friendly arguing and bickering, but it was eventually decided that I could help hang out, drink wine and put things away as I knew (more or less) where they went. Eventually we ended up all five of us in the kitchen with Christian doing dishes, Tina and I bickering about various stuff and drying things off as well as putting them away and Zascha and Emelie once again providing entertainment, good advice and starting off a small spider scare as they discovered a few of my little friends that always seem to hang about my apartment even if I go hunting for them before having people over.. It was good times!

With dinner and dishes out of the way, we sat down to chill a bit, the girls (sans Zascha who was driving) had some more wine, Christian and I had a bit of rum and a few beers and we basically just hung out, talked and had a good time for a few hours. I got a present, too, in the shape of a stainless steel wine/schnapps cooler which hugely fascinated me, not so much because of the wine cooling feature , but more particularly because it actually said schnapps cooler.. Thank you guys.. This is awesome!

Zascha was the first person to give in, which is understandable as she’d have a long, tiring day, and decided to drive home, she took Tina with her who was too tired and hurting to walk home and decided to catch a lift. Emelie and Christian stayed back for a while, waiting for the next train before leaving at around 11 PM. With an hour or so left of my birthday, I decided it’d be terrible to let the last bit of wine go to waste so I sat down and enjoyed one last glass of Roodeberg Red, checked out my insane number of b-day greetings on Facebook (like, thanks!) and listened to a bit of music, winding down completely for a few hours before crawling to bed at around 2 AM.

Another awesome birthday is in the can.. Thank you guys and girls for making it a great, special day for me! And thank you everybody else for the heart-warming birthday wishes..


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