The making of a fan-boy..

This may sound odd to a lot of people, especially for those from other countries, but I come from a time when Denmark had exactly one (count them.. ONE!) public TV channel.. State owned, to boot!

So, the whole fall of the Soviet bloc aside (which is really another post), one of the most revolutionary memories from my childhood was getting another public TV channel (appropriately named TV2) in 1988. Another is watching said new TV-station airing the piece of footage below:

Long story short, what happened is that Bruce Springsteen happened to be in town to perform a show and he happened to be walking down the main shopping street in Copenhagen, our capital, only to hear a street singer performing a few covers of his. Since Bruce happened to be carrying a guitar of his own and since this was all within his working class spirit, he thought.. “why not give this performer the time of his life?” .. And, in doing so, he shaped a lot of other lives.. I first became a fan those 20 years ago (at age 8, mind you), and have been a fan ever since! Such behavior shows a kind of affection towards your fans that you hardly ever saw back then and that you barely ever see now..

EDIT: And for the record, this remains my favorite Bruce Springsteen song to date.. And I most certainly hope I’ll get to see it in concert some day!


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