Alright, so here’s the plan!

Things are shaping up on the old thesis front.. I think.. I hope. I’m at 92 pages right now which means that technically I have eight pages to go which are to mainly going to deal with assessing things and putting them into perspective, as well as a conclusion and some minor work on my background chapter. The plan right now is to write those last eight pages within the next week as to get the writing process done. Considering that I can usually write about four pages in a day on average, this should be doable baring any bad cases of writer’s block.

The week thereafter should be spent getting the last illustrations, code examples and appendices done as well as doing some cleaning here and there in the thesis itself.. Which then leaves two weeks for proof reading, double checking, random fits of panic and what have you.. Then a weekend or so for printing and making sure that everything is in order before finally handing my thesis in on the 31st and proceeding to get absolutely shit-faced..

Well, that’s the plan anyways.. Whether or not I’ll be able to stick to it is a totally different matter.. But I suppose I’ll have to, come hell or high water, I’m handing something in and/or getting shit-faced on the 31st.. This is such a weird feeling, by the way. For the last five months this thesis has pretty much been my life and taken up everything and now I’m almost done.. Well, sorta.. I’m still panicking every now and then, thinking I’ve forgotten something or something will go horribly wrong, but I guess that’s only normal. To be torn between that wonderful feeling of having everything under control and that gut wrenching feeling of having absolutely no overview or sense of control at all.

Blah, it’ll all be over soon.. In a month’s time, five years of university will be over and I’ll officially be out broke and looking for a job.. Hmm, I wonder what the real world will feel like? Is it cold out? Will I need to bring a jacket? Are the people friendly? Will there be punch and pie?


4 responses to “Alright, so here’s the plan!

  1. No punch and no pie. Ever!

  2. Aww.. Fudge.. I was led to understand there’d be punch and pie 😦

  3. …and it is cold out there too, I was told….;-) and rainy…

  4. Aw, c’mon gals.. That’s no fun 😦 I went to school for 20 years for that?! Cold, rain and a distinct lack of punch and pie?? For shame 😦

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